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  1. I did the form like pdn source does, you can't open it in designer.
  2. why isn't this plugin stickied? Thanks for your hard work!
  3. this is cool, not sure how often I can use this but it is useful. thanks.
  4. Yah I am not sure if I can improve its performance yet, I haven't looked at that, but it does do a lot of iterations so its bound to be slow. When I have time I will take a look at that. As for the pan, I can probably setup a pan box like zoom blur deluxe but I don't know about actually rendering a small image of it. But again when time allows. It's bound to be a bit slow...it has to run a particular floating-point calculation for each rendered pixel...barring some unknown (and faster) optimization for calculating the value of a point in mandelbrot space, you can probably only go faster with a faster computer.
  5. titled lost click for full size wallpaper widescreen at 2560x1600
  6. Ok I see, thats cool, it can be handy. It doesn't let the space between to be chosen, this one does. This one doesn't have the line width option.
  7. There is an interlace plugin, I think it does the same as this. viewtopic.php?f=16&t=4195
  8. I used default, I tried black background with white color, it seems to be random, it only worked once, other times it did the following, randomly placing the lines and stopping randomly. click to see Really? What settings are you using? Size of image? Since I've only tested against a black background with white primary color, does it work with that?
  9. Stars doesn't work, it starts on the top maybe 10% of the image and renders the rest of the image black.
  10. Yup, thats exactly it. If you zoom all the way down, you can use the slider better there, but in most instances the up/down arrows are what you need for slight movements because you are zoomed in so close. Reset buttons are needed. I agree. When I get some time.
  11. ahhh I don't remember exact settings of these steps. but I ran the plugin, then I used zoom blur deluxe on it with quality high and a high amount and positioned it as looked good to me. then I duplicated this layer, used the sine waves plugin to distort it a little, set this layer to overlay and cropped out section I didn't like and did a transparency gradient on a small section I didn't like.
  12. Yah I thought there was performance issues with it, I haven't looked into that yet, but will see what I can do. I did mess around with some color sliders, will see if I can release something with that soon. It will be basic RGBA sliders, I know a color wheel will be requested. Thanks for all the comments/suggestions.
  13. Ok updated to render submenu. And fixed up/down increments for offset, the slider does a full integer so it skips a lot, in this case the up/down arrows are best suited. Myrddin, good idea. Edit, will post source later, but I may not have time to look at this until next week.
  14. Welcome all. I will see about fixing the offsets later. Added new picture. Yata, the idea is to have more fractal types so it is getting its own menu. I am sure if it belongs in render, unless I can do a render -> fractal -> mandelbrot, then it would be nice. Not sure if I can. But if people want it in render, I can move it so let me know what you guys want. Render or Fractal
  15. Here is the promised fractal plugin, this is the Mandelbrot function. Fractal.zip NOTE: I did not write the Mandelbrot function, the function is taken directly from the CodeLab sample. The function was converted from CodeLab to C#. Would like to do same for Julia function sometime and perhaps follow up with other types. Julia function is a sample in CodeLab as well so that shouldn't be a problem to setup. I didn't get to test it too much, and it probably needs some things. So you tell me, I know already it should have reset buttons especially for the x and y offsets cause their value is much more than needed. update 9/10/2007 download same zip below Added color sliders, red, green, blue and alpha. you have to mess around with it to get color as you want. Added new image below. update 9/15/2007 Added reset buttons to individual settings. Fixed tab indexes. Lowered up/down increments for offsetX and offsetY to .01 instead of .02. So here we go, a screenshot. Enjoy! Here is an image I made using this. I was asked about this image a few times, so here is a tutorial that should help. tutorial and another
  16. Yes indeed. I was almost going to pixelate the icon in anticipating this kind of comment. Icon is useless if the effect doesn't work, so that comes first. Already did.
  17. I am working on an effect which uses the codelab Mandelbrot function, and allows to adjust the settings. I will follow up with one for Julia, and if all is well with that I can try to implement additional types. preview
  18. Ok well maybe you can zip it and name the zip the name with version and the file in the zip can stay the same name.
  19. I hate when code is written without the curly brackets! Write your code as follows, its cleaner, easier to read and understand. for (int i = 0; i < 1000000; i++) { Console.Writeln("Thank you!"); } For X = 1 to 1000000 ...Print "Thankyou!!" Next I'm going old school C-64 basic on ya': 10 POKE 144,88 20 ?"Thank You!!" 30 GOTO 20 I speak the language... for (int i = 0; i < 1000000; i++) Console.Writeln("Thank you!"); Thanks Rick!
  20. Can you keep the same file name for the plugin, you can set the version in the dll itself, but having multiple filenames is annoying, esp. having to delete the first and copy over the new one. Thanks
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