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How to give skin a certain colour?

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So I want to give a face a certain color, make it darker, like more tanned. It's a small face and pixelated, so I don't need high detail, just to get the overall feel of the face feel tanned, so it matches the rest of the body (im putting the face of someone in someone else's body and this body is more tanned than the face so it doesn't look even).



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You need to use two layers. One for the face and one for the body.

Place the body layer above the face layer.

Crop (make a hole) the area where you wish to add the face. Use a Feather effect to soften the edges.

Go to the face layer and position and resize it as needed. Now use the "Curves + ..." tool to adjust the light/shade as well as the colour.


That should do it.

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After you have sucessfully placed the new face over the old one, I suggest you create a new empty layer on top, rename this layer to "skin tan".


Change the blend mode of the "skin tan" layer to Overlay or Multiply. Make sure you select this "skin tan" layer before proceeding.


Pick a moderate brown color from the pallet. Use the brush and manually paint over the face you want to tan.


Lower the opacity of the "skin tan" layer to what suits you the best and what looks most realistic. See which among Overlay or Multiply blending mode works better. You may user Effects>Blurs>Gaussian Blur a little bit to smoothen the edges of your paint job.


Go to Image>Flatten if you are happy with the results.


You can use this technique with other colors and pretty much with recoloring certain parts of a picture.

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Are you in the right place racerx?

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If you're talking about how he bumped his own thread, that was entirely legitimate.

Do not 'bump' your own thread unless it has received 0 replies and it has been 24 hours since you posted it.

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