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  1. Hi, this is the result: Tried tweaking the two bars there on the manual color plugin, I cant seem to get a proper red color. With the red layer method, using multiply I got this one: This is the color I was expecting so I will just use this one. Thanks for input
  2. Hi, im trying to paint these sprites red. They are the cushion part of a chair: Anyway, the problem is, I can't seem to get a good result. I've tried the color adjustments plugin, tuning temperature, hue etc, I can't get a good red. I would like the color 8C243F for example. I've tried the flood fill paint thing and it gets rid of the texture, I can't seem to adjust it so it retains the pixels that make it look like something that isn't just a square solid red block. How would you change the color then? For context, here is the 3d model of the chair:
  3. How do I do it in a batch? putting them in the same image to then separate them again is too much work.
  4. I need to recolour like 100 .png sprite images and im going insane doing it one by one. How could I apply this at once? I can't even re-apply last effect with ctrl+f.
  5. Its not so intuitive to use vs just drawing some straight lines around the object, there should be a better tool for this.
  6. I don't understand. What I want for instance, is to select the pig in the middle in here, and delete everything else: Imagine the pig was green, very similar to the green grass, then you couldn't use the magic wand.. how would you do it? If there was a way to make straight lines around the pig to select it it would be easy.
  7. I want to manually make a selection with straight lines, but the lasso doesn't work for this. I downloaded SplineMaster but I don't get it, I can't select stuff, also I can't zoom in and out while I do the selection. How can I do this?? Edited by Rick: Fix spelling/typo in title
  8. Looks like it was made frame by frame, manually and taking pictures with some special machines: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kr8aHpN4j8Q They separated the characters from the backgrounds in "cells", I assume that is what is called "layers" in paint.net. I didn't see the speed lines in there, maybe they are added in post production, but doesn't look like they used computers at all at least during the first era.
  9. Actually I think DBZ was hand made, it is a show from the early 90's. I think from DBGT and further they started using software. DB Super is definitely made with software. Now that I think of it, they may have used a compass? I think it would be an easy way to create these lines in bunches. Perhaps someone has made a compass plugin?
  10. Yeah, I thought about adding some motion blur, but it looks "too clean" somehow Also, I would need to make curved lines next to each other, see this: Notice that there's a bunch of lines being curved uniformly... it's really hard to draw this, I really don't get it. Im aware of how you can curve straight lines, but I can't get right the packs of lines to make the uniform movement and place them in the right place.
  11. Hi, I would like to be able to draw these types of anime "movement lines". The white lines here for instance: How could one go about drawing these? it seems hard to achieve with a mouse. It looks like those are dawn with a pencil. And even with a pencil it would be pretty hard to get it right and place them at the right time. Let alone to animate them. I think these guys are geniuses or something. With few frames they manage to create a lot of movement. Here it is in movement for context:
  12. It worked, i thought the white part was going to be affected too but I selected the whole thing and just changed it. I had the combined adjustments one installed btw. I musth ave installed bolt's pack a while ago.
  13. Hi, I would like to recolor the blue outline of this lighting bolt into red: How could I proceed? Is this the best way? I can't properly select the blue area because it has the transparent fade on it.
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