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I don't know how this effect will be useful. This effect is a result of a writing by me CodeLab - First Steps (Lines/Grid) tutorial.


You can find it in Effects -> Render -> Lines/Grid


This effect draws straight vertical or horizontal lines or a rectangular grid. You can adjust the transparency of lines.
The effect has a simple and intuitive interface.


Download from my PluginPack


Examples of effect works:




If the checkbox is unchecked, lines color accepts the color value, selected from a Color control. If the checkbox is checked, intervals color accepts the color value, selected from a Color control.


I hope someone this effect can be useful.

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I've updated the effect, because I've detected an error.

You can look it yourself.

Create an image of size 18x18 pixels. Apply to him the Lines/Grid effect with options: Lines Width=4 and Interval Width=4. Select pixel grid option (View -> Pixel grid). As you can see that lines and intervals are the same size to 4 pixels.




Now select the Inverse checkbox and note the width of the intervals. It's equal to 3 pixels, but must be 4 pixels.




This error I fixed in the new version.

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On 4/1/2015 at 12:56 AM, Maximilian said:

Thanks for for the fix, ReMake!



On 4/1/2015 at 3:38 PM, Seerose said:

ReMake! Many many thanks for the new version and for the effort. 


Maximilian, Seerose! mail1.gif Thank you both for the appreciation of my efforts.

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4 hours ago, VXVX said:

hey is it okay if you can make an installer version of it btw?

The installer will be done soon as soon as I put all my effects in a pack.

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