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  1. So there is no way to do what i'm asking about? Thanks.
  2. Anyone could please teach me(if it is even possible) how i could select different parts of an image, then copy, then paste those in many separated images... Example: an image where have 3 houses together, select house 1, select house, 2, select house 3, click button copy, next step, how could i paste those selections into 3 different images, is that possible? Or i will have to do one by one?(This i know how to do) But i got some images which i need to split, if there would be this possibility would be fantastic.
  3. Thanks Pixey, good advices and tips, definitely will try follow!
  4. dipstick, "I'm not into theses types of things" what do you call "these things"? I can see here are more images 3d-like tutorials indeed. Pixey thanks for your time on doing that it really enouraged me because if you one day was like me and now reached this level you are now means i can archieve something someday . About the tutorial, seems nothing easy, sorry for requesting that... i'm playing with those lines now and reading many tutorials, i'll update my learning status when i manage to do something is that true it takes a lot of time(ages) to learn? Thanks everybody
  5. Eli, Pixey thanks, yes that is a great tutorial i'm taking a look at other tutorials too, i confess i was completaly lost wanting to do everything so fast and excited as you see but dont know from where to start... i'll try calm down and follow some tutorials(i'm begginer, but want do sophisticated things hehe) yes i want try all, i'll take a look at this dream plugin... i keep trying many effects for hours... and at the end didnt do anything nice only abstract stuff it frustrate me. Thanks Ladies.
  6. Ok i understand, i've looked at that tutorial before, really amazing thank you. I'm still looking forward that someone will make a full tutorial on how to make images like the above? Google does not show many tutorials outside of here this forum, or maybe i'm asking too much?
  7. Thanks Eli and Pixey, i have learned this part, the saturation, but how to make the flowers as in the image look more like that... i'm using the rose shape and trying to colour it, i have no idea how to colour without it look plain color red also the borders(edges) of the shape draw is something im not able to soften to make them have shape but like the image above? ----------- There is one plugin i found, called colorModulo in textures, when i click it make ramdon the edges colors i like that, does have any similar plugin which would color inside the image instead of only the borders?
  8. Any tutorial for creating something like that? I would like to follow... as i don't know how to do certain things.
  9. I want to learn how to make images look delicate and vintage as bellow. I have a strong feeling those images was made far away from digital era... i don't know how those was made... but the way how those flowers have a delicate looking fascinate me, i would like know how to make at least something similar to that? I can notice there are many kind of saturation? I don't know as i'm a noob, bbut i can see they seem also to not have edges? I downloaded some rose shapes and tried to, but failed badly. Anyone here are skilled in making this kind of images? Thanks
  10. That's true, i checked now and my version was 4.05 thank you very much for the great plugins you have made they are amazing :CheckForUpdates: I've updated, now it's showing as a charm i'm very excited to try all those shapes Thanks!
  11. I'm feeling very lost here... i want do many things and i can't, i don't know what plugins are right for what, i would spend a very long time to read what all plugins do, and it sounds very confusing to do so this way, i wonder if there is any video tutorials series similar to a course, where everything goes togheter? I hope not be misunderstood, my english is not very good to explain things very well, i think what i want to say is everything is so disperse in here, im lost i will probabily be stuck in everything i try do, im already stuck and wishing there would be a step by step course how you people have learning to do things and how long it took? Thanks
  12. Hi, i've downloaded many shapes, created a folder in the proper directory calling it Shapes, but nothing shows up in Paint net, am i missing anything some step or file to make them show up?
  13. Thanks i will try, i've managed to make those dots with some effect but i haven't managed to make them straight and lined any suggestion to make them lined like in the image? ---------------------------- I was able to do it (very happy lol) using this plugin i found: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/4175-grid-maker-plugin/?hl=%2Bdots+%2Bplugin It gave me the lined dots effect... now i just have to work on the saturation...
  14. Hi everybody, i have 3 doubts decided to put all togheter here. I've been struggling since yesterday to make a cool text logo for my website...untill now no sucess, i tried all the plugins i've downloaded from here... and looked at the tutorials for texts too, but i can't find the right mix to make my text look something smooth. I feel abit ashamed to show this as people here are so skilled and my text cause looks something messy and awful... i'm begginer. I just need some tips and ideas on how to make this looks better? Thanks ------------------------------------------ My Paint.net keeps crashing and i lose all what i was doing, anyone know how i can recover my lost windows and everything, is it possible? ------------------------------------------ How can i get this dots gradient effect? (I'm also spent whole day trying to get this effect) Tried all circles effects i have, (but maybe there are more which i dont have yet) so please help!
  15. Yes it helps to have an idea... thank you
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