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Curly Lines plugin: updated to v1.1a (19th Nov 2012)


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Here's what I came up with using Curly Lines and Shape3D.  My colors are not exact...that would have been too time-consuming; though I think it has something to do with the light angle within Shape3D.




Pretty close!!!    :D

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This is one impressive plugin ... will play with this. Have you worked with Processing?

and the best argument so far to include tabs in the UI, small screens need to access this kind of complexity.


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Thank you all for your interest.  Most appreciated.


Yes, I did use cylinder mode and played with the lighting a bit.   I will do my best to replicate this and work on getting out a tutorial.


I looked at each of the different texture map settings in Shape 3D's box mode on the same Curly Lines image.  Results were quite interesting.


This is the same Curly Lines image rendered as a Shape 3D box using the cube map.  This time I did save my Shape 3D settings.  Box size scaling, camera angle and lights off were the only changes I made.      



Curly Lines after Shape3D Cube.pngCurly Lines after Shape3D Cube Settings.png



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