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  1. Thanks everyone. And Eli, I was not expecting that! very clever. And Red, I might take you up on that, if I find the time. Seems like a bit of work, but someone needs to bell the cat.
  2. Here's something that might be fun to play with, whether it's useful or not. It draws cardinal splines, colors them with various brush settings, rotates them etc. For me it was an exercise in GDI+ and OptionBased UI. Any bug reports or suggestions welcome... Found under Effects>Render menu. UI: Option: controls the randomness of the splines. Rotations: how many copies of the spline around a circle. Tension: controls the spline tension, how jagged or 'loopy'. Angle: rotates the splines. Sigma Focus: gradient center. Sig
  3. As they say about whisky, 'they're all good but some are better than others' (I'm looking at you, caol ila and lagavulin) it's also true about tartans. Now I need to drag my tartan out and try to reproduce it with this plugin. But first I'll look at your code, which I've learned a lot from. toe_head2001, This is a great plugin and I appreciate the work that went into it.
  4. not even sure how you did that, but the color balance works ...
  5. that looks like element synthesis in an exploding star to me... i like this
  6. Thanks, everyone! Good to see people are finding uses for this thing ... Next version will have line color option (easy) and hopefully some way to control the size of the boxes (not so easy)
  7. I was looking for a plugin to create a box-fitting image and didn't see any, so I decided to try writing my own. And here it is. Would appreciate any suggestions on how it could be improved etc.. Controls: Max Box Size: Really the max possible size, the boxes tend to be much smaller .. Some interesting effects if size is very low. Reseed: Not that mysterious, just press to randomize the boxes until you get the effect you want. Stroke Color: The color outside the boxes. (Found under Artistic menu) New version! V1.1
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