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Turbulent.Effect plugins


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The following plugins allow the digital image editor "Paint.NET" to render lines and circles combined with some turbulence effect. Useful to create textures like marble, wood slides, flowers, ...

Download >>  Turbulent.Effect v1.1 (10.11.2012)


Unzip "Turbulent.Effect vX.X.zip" and copy the plugins (.dll files) into the "Effects" folder of your Paint.NET installation.

A typical location is "C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Effects".

After a restart of Paint.NET you will find the plugins under Menu->Effects->Render.

'Turbulent Lines' Effect Plugin + 'Turbulent Circles' Effect Plugin



  • Line/Circle distance: Distance between two lines
  • Line angle: Angle of the line (-180..180) (0 means horizontal)
  • Transition between lines: Defines the wave form used for the pixels between the lines. Depending on the height of the wave the color of the pixel is mapped to the primary or secondary color (or transparency) Available forms are:
    Half sine wave, Triangle wave, Sine wave, Sawtooth wave and Square wave
  • Invert the transition wave between the lines: Checkbox to select between inverted and not inverted
  • Turbulence amplitude: 0: No turbulance to N: Maximum of chaos
  • Turbulence period: Stretching of the turbulence on the lines
  • Turbulance pattern: Reseed button: Clicking generates a new 3d noise pattern used to render the turbulence
  • Primary color: Color of the lines (Default: Current primary color of Paint.NET)
  • Secondary color: Color of the area between the lines (Default: Current secondary color of Paint.NET)
  • Set transparency instead of secondary color: Checkbox to generate alpha values instead of secondary color .If not selected than the alpha channel is always set to opaque.
  • Go to effect on the web: Clicking the button will open your browser in the location hosting the plugin. Check the location for newer or test versions, help, examples and background information.

Examples of rendered lines


Examples of rendered circles


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Nice plugin Martin! The effect reminds me of both Varicose and Dents.

Thank you.

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Update to v1.1 available:

- More transition wave forms between lines

- Primary and secondary are now setable inside of the plugins (before you had to set colors in the main application).

- Instead of the secondary color the plugin may generate transparent colors. Using the effect on a new layer allows to combine the rendered pixels with other layers.

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