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Is it possible to delete your own paint.net account?

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Now I really want to delete my paint.net account permanently beacuse I worry that it would get hacked and abused. My posts can be left on the site or removed depending on what the moderators think. Anyway I have not been using my account much. Unlike earlier, I am completely sure of this decision.

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You're worrying for little reason.  The forum stores very little personal detail on you.


If you really, really want to say goodbye permanently,


1. Change your profile to remove your personal details.


2. Change your login password to something long, complex and inscrutable.  Don't keep a record of this.


3. Logout and don't log in again.


You're welcome back should you so choose.  Bye.

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One reason we don't delete accounts is to defend against impersonation ... that is, someone hacks your account and then asks us to delete it. And then you try to login and it's all gone ...

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25 minutes ago, Algernon said:

I don't understand why but then again I don't have to, so thanks again.

A reasonable moderator would probably warn or only temp-ban unless you're reviving these posts without reason, posting spam, etc. It's an issue with lots of forum software: people rely on the system putting recent things at the top of each category in the forum, and old things at the bottom. Forums that allow 'bumping' will automatically move posts with new activity to the top of this pile, which if done in large quantities will drive all new posts down to the bottom of the page (or even a page over), making it harder to use the forum and annoying users with new activity on long-dead posts. Some forums lock old posts after a period of inactivity or bump conditionally (the best solution imo), but for those that don't, moderators often apply harsh penalties to discourage this behavior as "necroing" posts a lot will ruin the forum user experience.

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Deliberate acts tend to rile us more than innocent mistakes ;) We find one warning is generally enough to correct most behaviors we don't deem appropriate or acceptable. Our tolerance rapidly evaporates with repeat offenders, and we have zero tolerance for spammers. Other than that, the Mods here are friendly, funny, knowledgeable and cool to work with.

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