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  1. Now I really want to delete my paint.net account permanently beacuse I worry that it would get hacked and abused. My posts can be left on the site or removed depending on what the moderators think. Anyway I have not been using my account much. Unlike earlier, I am completely sure of this decision.
  2. Hopefully (I hope) Disney will not spoil the Star wars movies and the clone wars series and lets hope they come up with good ideas for both. Star wars is not something to be watered down, the fighting, the intense stories are all what makes Star Wars more exciting than watching most other superheros etc. It provides enjoyment for both teenagers and adults (as well as children under parental guidance). A negative influence will be problematic to star wars fans and some of others who enjoyed star wars. I do remember I was super-excited when I watched those Star Wars movies. However watching star wars all the time will be boring so switch to watching other things such as the movie ET. @teh501stSnoipeh. Watch an episode of Star Wars again or maybe watch ET. ET is not a combat/war movie. Its intense story and emotional nature plus adventure is another masterpiece. Or maybe watch Star Trek (I haven't watched it yet, but it is said to be a great science fictional movie). And really, chasing cars with your saber?
  3. pdnoob, that was a wonderful tutorial. I liked that awesome moon texture. Keep it up.
  4. Oops, I was late too. Happy belated birthday!
  5. My mind changed like a chameleon. Now I say that chess is a nice game but you should not play it too much.
  6. Star Wars: It is really exciting and thrilling. There are a whole lot of elements. Great movies! Yes and get clone wars (not the animated version, the 3d like one)
  7. Wow, Technorobbo you have been up to creating a whole bunch of great plug-ins. Excellent work.
  8. Thanks everyone, but are there more Star Wars fans? Anyway, Episode 7 will come out in 2015. The Sith in episode 1-6 are: Episode 1: Darth Sidious and Darth Maul Episode 2: Darth Sidious and Darth Tyrannus (Count Dooku) Episode 3: Darth Sidious, Darth Tyrannus (who gets killed) and Darth Vader Episode 4-6: Darth sidious (emperor) and Darth Vader There are many Jedi in episode 1-3, unlike those mean siths who come in pairs or sometimes take a thrid sith. However only a few Jedi remain after epidsode 3 is over. Episode 4: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Master Yoda and Luke Skywalker Episode 5: Yoda and Luke Episode 6: Yoda (who dies) and Luke @ at.well and minners: Finally I got to know that you are Star Wars fans
  9. Skullbonz has a point there. Who would chase cars anyway and swing a lightsaber like crazy. Nevermind, its only a joke of course since you will lose a lightsaber. For a Jedi a lightsaber is something they cherish for a long time. So do not run off like that, lightsabers are very expensive. By the way Snopieh, you are more of a Star Wars fan than me. I have watch all six episodes and sometimes talk about Star Wars and I am not a die-hard fan. Anyway, what characters have you dressed up as? Well, I could start off a new discussion thread or we could turn this thread into a discussion itself.
  10. Star Wars is indeed an interesting film. Yes, on and off I do feel like talking about it but first how many fans are there here? Thanks everyone. Yes, fan are turning to this topic
  11. Thanks anyway but I don't think that I am a star wars fanatic, just a fan who sometimes likes to talk about it. By the way, when I said star wars I was referring to the movies and not the video games. Well, its okay Snoipeh but the best place to talk about video games is the Video Games Thread. So games don't count here as being a fan (according to me). Sorry, if I was rude, I should have stated that it was only the movies considered. Yup, you are a great fan alright if you watched all 6 episodes and attended 5 parties as a star wars character. Thanks a lot, everyone Edit: I am interested in Star Wars but no a fanatic.
  12. Thanks for your views. Star Wars is very interesting. I have watched episode 1-6 and its great fun. Don't get me wrong, I am not critizng your opinions. By the way, I have not watched star trek yet but it must be a great movie. The original trilogy is episode 4-6. @ Helen, Congratulations on winning the Big Bird Award. I wonder if EER is interested in Star Wars. PS: Star Wars is interesting but I shall not continue watching after episode 6. I am now not much interested in a Star Wars discussion so I won't create one. Thank you all for your opinions and I really appreciate them. Thank you for talking about Star Trek. Maybe I'll see it later. What bbq25 and welshy said implies a true fact : Even if you are not much interested in Star Wars, you can still know some things about it. Thanks
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