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Of course, excluding the AA ... I like the stylized feel of it and its got a better feel. No offensive to one of my favorite devs, but the lens flare really should be done by hand or really worked over as well. Maybe I've seen too many on images or from the PS crowd, but it just never looks like a flare to me ... Not saying to yank the flare, just that would be one area to hammer on. Like everything else on my wish list, so many little things to work on, so little time ...


Gallery at PDN-Fans

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LOL saw your second improved spacescape and then saw the jaggies.................................then saw that you had seen them. LOL

Nice works jim you certainly seem to have a lot of free time. boltbait.smile.png

Re: The jaggies. It's one thing to learn about various plugins and how they affect your work, etc. and it's another to learn to form good habits. One would think since I work off of a large screen tv hooked up to my computer, that these things would be more obvious, but they aren't. So I need to learn before I consider these things complete to zoom in on them and see if there's aspects like the jaggies that need to be addressed. Sometimes I remember, and other times I don't. All in due course (I hope). :)

As far as free time is concerned, I try to make some time. I get about an hour before work that I sometimes use for this, and then when I return from work in the evenings I try to dedicate a couple hours. Weekends, obviously afford more time as I don't have the normal workweek duties to interfere, so there's often more time there.

There are many things in regards to hobbies that I do well, but there are few that I can actually say I truly excel in. With regards to the things I produce here, I am endeavoring to try to make this one that I excel in. Only time I suppose will determine if that is to be.

At any rate, thanks for the comments everyone, especially you Delpart. Your previous comments helped a great deal on the last revision. I agree about the lens flare. Maybe I should do them by hand like I did previously. When I used the plugin to do this, and trying to adjust the various settings, it kept throwing me off (too much, too little, a little weak here, a little heavy there, etc.). I think doing them by hand will provide for a better layout.

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No offence jim, but would your moon benefit with some dark side? like the new one in my gallery boltbait.smile.png

None taken. First it does have a dark side. You will note the side that is brighter is toward the exposed side of the sun. The reason we can see the moon here in the real world is because of the fact that the face is somewhat exposed to the sun and reflecting that light back towards earth (actually this applies to anything we can see: simply because the light is reflected off it/them).

The hardest part (problem) about what is illustrated in the pic is sort of two-fold: a.) Adjusting how much of it would be obscured using the plugin could only be adjusted so much. b.) By using the maximum allowable shading, it permits enough exposed (lit surface) to still be able to distinguish what the planetoids (earth and moon) are. I tried to position the sun far enough to the left without cutting it out entirely from the picture to bring it reasonably close (though obviously not exact) to match the shading on the earth and the moon.

Anyways, I knew it would be a bit of a problem, but I settled on not covering too much (shading more manually) so the earth and moon could still be distinguishable.

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Now that's some imaginative takes on that. The first especially mucks with perception quite a bit.

lol, thanks! A thought just crossed my mind about the second one, so I'm going to re-do that one. But, I won't leave empty-handed:




OK, here's a re-do on that second one:


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It's like the mirror realm. Shake the hand of your opposit in every way, if your right handed they are left etc.:D



^^Jim, YOUR ART IS COMING TO LIFE! (figure of speech joke)^^


Caption: "HELP MOMMY, I decided to climb this tree and now if I let go I will fall into another dimension, but I can't hold on any longer!!"

Big vocabulary for a little boy I know.

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Verrry clever. Impressive how you've married up the plume of water from the jet ski to the background. Lil' details like that can enhance something a lot boltbait.smile.png

The picture is from a single image (the background and the jetski). The picture itself is based upon this tutorial for PS: http://www.pinoy7.com/psptutorials/7/thephotowithin/p1.shtml

I added the hand holding the picture and broke the central picture down into 2 separate pieces so 1 could be make black and white and the other remain colorized.

This is the original image: http://gallery.photo.net/photo/4631378-lg.jpg

Here is the image I used to create the hand holding a photo: http://www.psdgraphics.com/file/holding-a-blank-flyer.jpg

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Great image! Man, that is so funny! Good on you.

While I was searching for Aircraft Carrier images I saw one that had a golf course on it, but I didn't want to duplicate it. When I began my search I knew I wanted to do something kind of odd, but I didn't know what. It took me awhile to come up with something different.

"Sure, you can land in 50 foot swells, but can you dodge an 8 ball?" boltbait.mrgreen.png

You are so funny!

Thank you both for the comments.


One more piece to end this evening:


And the source pics:




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