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It's not much to look at I suppose, but it's a video I made so that I could sort of watermark videos.  I took an image I made eons ago and erased bits of it and with each erasing, saved the image sequentially in reverse order (200.png, 199.png, 198.png, etc.) then imported them into my video editing program to create this so that it could be superimposed with it's chroma key functions.


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Thank you all. 


The trick to making it appear as smooth as you can is to not erase too much at once.  In accomplishing this, I settled on a particular size eraser and used it (mostly) all the way through.  This however can't be done at intersecting points as you would erase parts of the signature not intended to be erased until a bit later.  So using the original size eraser at the intersecting point, I would place the eraser over it to see where it falls on the portion of the line I wanted to erase, switch to a smaller eraser and erase it accordingly.


Also, I obviously didn't know from the onset how many images I would end up with when completed, so at various times throughout when it appeared that I was going to need more images than what I thought, I would change the method of saving a bit to something like this:  98c.png, 98b.png, 98a.png, 97c.png, 97b.png, 97a.png  This ensured that all the images remained sequential in reverse order and permitted me to get more images saved than my original guesstimate.


My only self-critique is that even though it appears relatively smooth, it's somewhat too slow for my taste.  I think when we sign something, it is much quicker so I'm planning on importing the file again into my video editor and try utilize a built-in feature which speeds up the video at different speeds until I find the one I'm satisfied with and I'll use that.


Also, since most video programs permit the importation of graphics (for anybody who may wish to try this), it is apparent that the video ends and would thus disappear from the screen, so if someone wanted to keep the completed signature on the screen throughout the whole video all they need to do is utilize the original file from which all the erasures were made and keep that on the screen matching the duration of the remaining time of the video and applying the chroma key effect to it.




I've provided the information above for anybody who wishes to implement similar features into their videos.  We all know that not all software are created equally so to overcome some deficiencies that some software may have we need to come up with some creative ways to get them done.


I'm not implying that everyone may necessarily agree with using a signature as a watermark, but the technique itself can be used in other ways like creating an animated banner as you might see in a news broadcast.  By erasing and moving text, you can make it appear like text is scrolling across the bottom of the screen similar to how you see see in my signature file where my user name goes off screen as it passes between the two figures and comes back onto the screen.

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Awhile ago the owner of our company asked me to take his picture.  Though he didn't say what it's purpose was, I obliged him.  This was that picture:




Since I was now in possession of this, I figured I'd have a little fun with it and try a photo manip with it as a gag.  So, I used the below pics:


Our company logo




and this image




To get this




So I took final picture to Walmart, had a photo made, bought a picture frame and put the picture in it and dropped it off on his desk while he was out of his office.  I was on vacation at the time and was headed to an appointment, so I couldn't hang around.  Anyways, he loved the picture and still has the picture in his office on a side table.  When I came back to work, he asked me for a copy of the photo and he's now using that as his LinkedIn profile picture




Seeing how he enjoyed it, I figured I'd push the envelope.  We're buying a new truck, and with this though in mind, I created this (not the actual truck we're buying)




I sent this picture to his second in command who in-turn put it on his computer as his new desktop wallpaper.  Though I didn't personally see it on his computer, I'm told he had a great laugh over it.


...and no, they're not actually going to use it on their new truck.



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