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Good work Jim.

Looks like you took plenty of photos in England - possibly the Cotswolds, or maybe Bath area ?

If 'Highway run' is based on an English photo (the 'pylon' [electric cable support] looks familiar), then they're on the the wrong side of road! - probably the least of their concerns :D


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Many of the photos (though not mine - more the result of internet search) do come from England. I love the old world "look" so often times my search my consist of "medieval village", "cobblestone street" (or similar), and even "old world village (or street)". Regrettably, I don't recall specifically which villages or areas the photos are from, though "Cotswold" does sound familiar. Normally when I save the images, I save them under the specific term I was searching under i.e., cobblestone street1, cobblestone street2, etc.

HIghway run was from a generic search of something like "empty highway" or similar (I don't recall now). The picture itself I believe is from here in the U.S. That specific portion of the highway (or interstate) didn't have any vehicles on it. I added the semi-tractor trailer, motorcycle, and horses. The semi however was from a picture somewhere in Europe. The specific picture (believe it or not) was demonstrating a technology to provide an image of the highway in front of the semi (which is normally blocked from view of drivers behind simply because of the size of them) onto the very back of the trailer. It was cool a photo, but I wasn't specifically interested in that aspect of the original picture, I was searching for a specific angle that fit the background. In this case, the highway curves to the right, and so I wanted the semi to be turning in that direction as well. The semi was reduced enough so that what it was demonstrating in the original photo wasn't obvious in this one and could've been represented as almost anything. Overall I wasn't really pleased with this specific picture. The motorcycle didn't come out well and I failed to adjust it adequately so it looked natural to the picture.

To everyone who's commented, thank you. I love doing photo manip's because of the different feel that can result from making something that's fairly simple and otherwise "uninteresting" in itself and creating something of interest.

Sometimes though, some of the pictures that I download and keep may only be "cleaning" them up. Similar to the "Riding Through English Village", I have some pictures that I've removed people from some these photos simply to present a better image. They are fun and challenging in and of themselves (like removing the trash from the forementioned picture).

Again, thanx for the comments! These are always fun to do (though my mind has been blank of ideas in the past couple months).

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Well, with this latest one, I thought I'd make something related to the upcoming holiday using a picture of one of my dogs and some photos I found on the internet: Halloween

These are the source pictures:

This is one of my dogs taken this past summer


This is the actual subject photo


This is what I used for the inside of the pumpkin


Here is the finished piece



EDIT: EER, sorry. I didn't even realize you made a similar statement today until after I posted this.

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I'm so glad you added the statement about no ........ because the first thing I wanted to say was ..."how could you stuff such a big (& cute) doggie into a yucky pumpkin?

Jokes aside - I just love it. What a lovely dog you have.

Your photo manips are amazing - I have yet to try to do one and I know who to come to for help :)


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At first, I was like "how did you get the pumpkin pieces to float!?" Then I put my head to the desk and was like "this is a paint.net forum...duh"

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The below pictures I did awhile ago. Not exactly my best work (which is why I didn't post them earlier)

This was done way back in February:


This one was done back in August:


This is a picture I cleaned up back in June:


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You know, Jim, retouching photos or manipulating them isn't always easy. In fact, not all people can do that (I speak for myself, only). And I'm saying that you have amazing ideas on how to make a photo much more interesting by adding a touch of your genius in there. I also like how you cleaned up the photo (the third one down). Looks like it was taken that way. Great job, Jim! :)

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To be honest, I love the challenge of cleaning up the pictures - in this case, this one in particular I attempted it twice, the first time I failed so I stepped away from it for a couple weeks then did it again. Often times my intent is to do something else with them after I'm done cleaning them up just to give them a different feel (like the one a page back where I cleaned up the trash and then added the car and motorcycle), but in this case after I was done I just couldn't think of how I could utilize the picture further so I didn't do anything more to it. Which in and of itself is fine too I suppose.

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You did an EXCELLENT job of cleaning up that last photo, Jim. I agree with Helen, it looks like that's the way it was taken.

I'm digging the dolphin picture. Your creativity is second to none and your execution gets better with every project.

If I may make one suggestion: one thing that I've found always helps my photo manips is this: after the whole thing is done to my satisfaction and I've flattened the image, I add just a hint of noise. It gives a nice "film grain" effect as well as helping all the elements blend together relatively seamlessly.

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OK, about a month ago, NN had mentioned to me (via message I believe) that she'd like to see a tutorial on the picture I made with the football player coming through the laptop screen. I also posted a copy of that same picture in the "Popping Out of a Picture" thread hoping to inspire others to take the concept to the next level. After posting it (and another one I did), another member also asked for a tutorial.

So, over the last couple days I've been doing another one (which actually forks off to end with 2 possible results):



My dilemma is that because of the step-by-step way that I tend to illustrate the tutorials (hoping to catch and provide all details so all levels of users can accomplish the same tutorial), I've come up with a total of 75 pictures.

I think that such a lengthy tutorial may not necessarily be worthwhile.

Any opinions on this?

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Thanks Drew. I appreciate the comments.

So, recently I came across this fellow while doing a search:


He seemed to be pretty comfortable laying their soaking up the sun's rays. However, with such a striking pose, I thought he could do better. So I went out and searched for a new habitat for him:


Now who could refuse such a lovely place like this? Sunshine and cool waters...!

He really seems to be enjoying himself as much now as he did at his old home:


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