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WOTW 29 Discussion Thread

Possum Roadkill

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sweet lord, such amazing work

the gold piping on #1 is so elegant,and the 3-d work on #4 is exceptional, i could go on and on about each entry, gonna be hard to vote for my favorite, gotta figure out which one that is

I agree. I am really pleased with all the great entries we have for this comp. I really appreciate every single one of them. I think your's is really clever. I won't way which one it is, but I really got a grin from it.

MountNman has given me an idea. When the poll is running, why not come back here to the discussion thread and post a message about which ones are your favorites and what you like about them.

"So tell me, how did the piece make you feel?" said the Possum. "Does it remind you of your childhood?"


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childhood? sorta- i grew up in La. Mardi Gras was a huge thing every year, and masquerade balls were common. i even got to attend several of each in New Orleans itself, so that type of mask does take me back. of course, you knew who your friends were, but it was a blast pretending otherwise-lol, (sigh) another life

im going to say im leaning toward #s 1 and 4, for that very reason, neither would hide, but the play would be fun

p.s. im glad you got a kick outa mine, after two false starts and a dead end, i found an old picture of my younger brother messing around with a similar one, and so....

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hey guys..just found out..such an honour to take first place in the first comp. of 2011 amoung some very brilliant entries..thanks to all who voted..means a lot..couldn't have made a winning entry without the help of some very talented tut. autors..

thanks goes to Lance for his... "glass secrets finally revealed" tut....---(mask)..

thanks to Sargon 111 for his... "make a cool abstract" tut....---(feathers)

thanks to Oma for her... "mini shape 3d."tut...---(ribbons)

thanks to Bbq.for her... "sparkle for pixey"---

many thanks to you all B)

regards j.d.

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I'll get the next round up as soon as I can. We are in the middle of a severe ice storm and might lose power and or internet.

We're in the same boat! It's really crazy out here as well!!! Take care!

As for the entries, yes they were all amazing!!!! I was working on an entry, but when I saw the first one, mine was no where near that. Great job to everyone!!!

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