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  1. Getting pumped up for another intense karate session, listening to:
  2. Wow... speechless! Thank you once again for another great tute. YM Cheers, V.
  3. I love the way you use color's in your images Pixey (Re: SOTW#76). I attempted something similar with my buildings in order to give them a comic book effect... a first for me and definitely inspired by the way that you use colors in your images!
  4. @Sasha Entering competitions gives you an opportunity to challenge yourself. You look at what others do, be inspired by their work and attempt to understand their methodology before slowly applying this to your work. In as far as I am concerned, if I have created something which exceeds my expectations then I have won the competition in my mind. A 1st, 2nd or 3rd is for the masses, for me growing as an artist and expanding my understanding of PDN is what it is all about. I've watched you grow just as I have watched nitenurse and others do the same. You are headed in the right direc
  5. Ooops... I saw Yellowman with 3 stars and assumed the battle was done and dusted!
  6. I have no idea what this is supposed to be (my son reckon's its an alien getting sucked into a vortex), but I'll run with it any way:
  7. I think that you might be right. I've attempted to embed a flash sig with zero success, while I've had no problems on other boards using the same code. :-(
  8. SOTW #62 - Topic "Animation" Are flash animations allowed; given that the graphic itself will be made in PDN while the animation itself will be driven by flash... and if so, how do I upload a flash animation --> the link code? Cheers, V
  9. On rotation at the moment: Machine Head - Burn my eyes. Metallica - Ride the lightning. Iced Earth - The dark saga. Motley Crue - Too Fast for love
  10. ventor1

    Pool ball

    Good orb tute, however I think the lighting and shadows give the ball a translucent effect. In the above image I have made the center of the radial gradient at the top edge of the ball and given the ball a dark shadow. I have also blurred the lighting a little. Cheers, V.
  11. Using this tut., when you create many different shaped and sized clouds on many different layers, with different transparencies and finishes such us sharpen, etc, you end up with very realistic looking clouds: Great tutorial Goony!
  12. This may only be personal opinion, however I would assume that the sharpness of the reflection suggests that the lettering should be sharp also - without the blue glow. Otherwise I like it... Cheers, V
  13. Whenever I finish a piece for a comp., I run it by the wife for a second opinion; she is very 'arty' and knows a good thing when she see's it! And as is usually the case: "Very nice Rob, but I prefer Barbies" lol With that, I love what you have put forward Barbie - the colors are wonderful! Pre-thought or accidental (the latter is the case for me 50% of the time)?
  14. Only if one can see it David I've tried over & over again for a few months with different monitors and on different computers and I am none the wiser - which is a tad disappointing.
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