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  1. Thanks for that, however, I think I'll do my image editing with PDN prior to processing with Topaz Denoise. I have been using your plugins, null's plugins, DPY's plugins, and a heap of others for what seems like eternity, and I can make PDN sing! Thanks everyone for your feedback and efforts! Cheers, Rob.
  2. Is there a work around for this, or do I need to part ways with PDN for Photoshop, which is a horrible thought that will give me nightmares!
  3. I have been able to ascertain that this is occurring after processing the original image through Topaz Denoise. I can also confirm that the file opens up correctly in Adobe Photoshop. The original photo is 20mb in size, and the zipped compression ratio did not reduce it enough, thus I resized the image (attached), and fortunately the difference is still noticeable when opening up in PDN vs anything else. Hopefully this helps...
  4. I have been using PDN, Lightroom and Topaz Denoise to edit my wildlife photos for a long time. I use three screens, with an app open in each of the three screens. Something appears to have gone slightly amiss with the most recent PDN update from a colour and vibrance perspective, which is clearly noticeable when looking at the same image on all three pieces of software on all three screens simultaneously. I have taken a screen dump of all three images, and reduced the quality significantly to fit into this post, however, the difference is still very noticeable: PDN: Lightroom: Topaz Denoise: The loss of colour and vibrance is quite obvious on the PDN screen. The same end result regardless of which monitor I look at! Nothing has changed on my computer, everything works as normal. Quite simply, as soon as PDN was updates to 4.2.15, the above result occurred immediately. Note that the edited image doesn't change, it is merely the screen visual that changes. If I adjust the contrast or the brightness on the image in PDN, these changes are reflected on the images in all other apps, although it is impossible to know what needs to be changed or what has been changed if looking at the image in PDN. Cheers, Rob.
  5. I would use a linear gradient starting with a darker blue color (primary) and fading to a lighter blue color with transparency (secondary) set on the 'Transparancy-Alpha' slider in the color picker. Edit: out ninja'd by EER
  6. Given that you are looking for another project, I have long been waiting for something that can create lines/splines with a specified number of control points. Where separating an image from a background becomes complicated and where the usual means do not work well, I will often zoom in on the image and using the line tool I will create a border around the image. I then use that line as a silhouette to separate the image from the background and vice-versa. Having the ability to create a spline/line with as many control points as I would like would give me the ability to manipulate that spline/line to suit any image or shape, thereby saving a lot of time. I'm fairly certain that there would be other applications where such a tool could be used to great effect also. Some food for thought perhaps toe_head2001? Cheers, Ventor
  7. Hi Thunderrooster, I am not too sure what you are referring to with regard to blurring the edges, although it sounds as though you may want to use the smudge tool. Please refer to my "Burning Font" tutorial below which shows how it is utilised: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/24383-burning-font/ Cheers, V.
  8. Now that you have no background, be sure to select only the giraffe with the 'magic wand' tool and not the whole image. Then copy and paste that and it should work fine!
  9. If plugins are O.K., then Grim Colour Reaper is what you are after: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/15595-grim-color-reaper-plugin/?hl=+grim%20+reaper It is easy to use and the dialogue is very self explanatory. With images such as that though you may need to feather the edges and then run AA's assistant (refer to EER's link above).
  10. Assuming I have read your question correctly, you could simply duplicate the layer and then scale up that duplicated layer. Use the magic wand to select the object on that layer and fill it with your desired colour. Another alternative would be to duplicate the layer again and then play around with 'median' under the Effects/Noise tab. I often use median effectively to scale object outlines where there are no corners such as that which are found in triangles, etc. Playing with percentile and radius will give you very different, and sometimes great results. 'Outline Object', 'Outline selection' and 'Drop Shadow' also offer alternate methods. Cheers, V.
  11. All, Is there any way to export .eps postscript files? I am noticing that more and more printing houses are requesting files to be submitted in .eps format. Is it a simple matter of changing the extension on a file name, or does a plugin need to be written to convert to .eps? I note that the plugin on this link can import postscript files: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/28078-postscript-filetype-plugin-ps-eps-ai/ T.I.A. Ventor.
  12. It's not a monocle, it's not a clock. It's a:
  13. Getting pumped up for another intense karate session, listening to:
  14. Wow... speechless! Thank you once again for another great tute. YM Cheers, V.
  15. I'd be completely lost without AA's Assistant, Grim Color Reaper, Metallize and Dents!
  16. Hi Traci, Very easy done. Simply open your transparent image in PDN. Then create a new layer and move it down using the "move layer down" arrow in the layer window. Select that layer so that it is the working layer (this should happen by default when you move it down), and using the "rectangle select" tool, drag a rectangle so that it covers the two black lines. Then simply select white colour followed by the 'paint bucket' tool, and click in the rectangle. Save your file as a .png, and you're done! *** Note that this will merge your layers down, so rather than save, do a 'save as', and give it a new name so that you do not lose the transparency of the original image! Cheers, Ventor
  17. I'll kick things off: Map courtesy of google maps and the feet are from my custom mini brushes. Cheers, Ventor
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