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Glass Text with Filling


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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it

I found this psd tutorial here and wanted to create something similar with Paint.net. I think the outcome isń´t too bad but let me know if the tutorial is not ok as I am fairly new to this boltbait.smile.png.

I used in this tutorial:

Layer blending modes

Gaussian Blur


Bevel Selection


Aa´s Assistant


This is the final image with the text:


And these are the steps to get there, I tried to make them compact to cut down on amount of images, let me know if they are too compact boltbait.smile.png:









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An amazingly comprehensive tutorial.

It's timing was perfect for me as I just happen to be looking for information on how to create glass topped buttons.

I wish every tutorial was as thorough as this.

Great job and thank you for taking the time needed to put this together!

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I thought to try and make a glass cube same way.

Of course you don´t need to save the files as .png in between but can keep all in separate layers, I just do

it so me and my computer wouldn´t go crazy with too many layers :D.


This is the final result after adding some light and shadows etc., not entirely happy with it but I think will leave it be for now.


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I really like this tutorial. Ella, you did a great job of making the tut; instructions are clear, and concise. Glad to see you were able to use the process on a 3D object. After completing the text I used Effects>Texture>Nebulous on the background layer. I especially like the way the text picks up colors from the background layer. Thanks.

As you requested, here is my Glass Text on two different backgrounds, showing how color and pattern show through.


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I do layout for some homepages where i would love to use this feature, is there a way to make the background transparent?

Thanks in advance


I am thinking you wish to remove the gray background. Another background of any kind can be placed below the glass text, and that background will show through the text. The gray background can then be deleted. However, without a background the text becomes dark gray and loses its transparency. At least this has been my experience. The glass text layer can be copied and pasted as a new layer over another background, but you will need to change the new layer's Blending Mode to Negation to make the text transparent again.

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Once I read in one of the posts that the gray background could be changed, I went a little overboard to bring out the transparency of the text. The liquid in the text got a little distorted. I enjoyed doing yhis tut, though, and I plan to make the transparent box using your method soon.


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