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  1. Hi all membres I'm so sorry for this long absent and for the images deleted of this TUT But it's not a problem i will re-upload all images of this tut soon -inchallah- My cheers
  2. أهلا بيك وبكل خاوتنا لعرب والمسلمين... اعذرني لأني مشغول عن التصميم بسبب العمل... متشرفين

  3. Hello,Adel .. i'm Ahmed From Egypt .. Good day!

  4. great outcome AGJM , if you still like this you will be better in a short time.
  5. I love this way comments, it let the practice (with time) to give more and better however his level is bad. thank you Yellowman, and barbieq25
  6. hello...i tried with 3d shap and i got this pic ( i know that's very simple )
  7. really this is what i want , it's great works , i like all the tree ships thank you very much Yellowman.
  8. Thanks pdnnoob ; it was helpful comment ; now i download blender and i will try it, but i want to creat it only with PDN.
  9. Hello Welsh....like this one ( not exactly )
  10. Hello....i want to design a spceship, can some one help me ?
  11. Thank you all ( Welshblue, barbieq, Helen, Yellowman,Moninca ) i'm so happy after this comments ... i think in this forum i not learn only design with PDN but with people like you here i learn politeness, english and how i help people. for this pic i tried to do some thing like an explosion planet ( but it was difficult ) after Welshblue comment (thank you Welsh )
  12. @ HELEN, @welshblue thank you for your comments , really you are giving me power to continue with pdn not like some other peopel. and this is the second pic in my gallery to be continue inchallah
  13. to pdnnoob First i'm not liar , my name realy is Adel , and shortly you will see great ... soon @ beautifull Barbieq25 thank you again for your encouragement , and from you we learn
  14. Welcome To My Gallery --------------- Planets --------------- Stones Explosion Flame Shine --------------------------------------------------
  15. thank you YM it's nice from you. i had got the plugin from a member here. when i finish the tut i will see you the result. from you we learn.
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