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Cobblestone Textures

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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it


Moderators Note: Pictures provided by ReMake to eliminate the Photobucket logo and to move it from the Graveyard.


I came across a cool way to make a 'cobblestone' texture, like in this image:



Difficulty level is 3.5/10, you must need to know how to install plugins. Speaking of which, the following plugin must be installed to complete this tutorial:


Height to Normal (You only need the HeightToNormal.dll which is inside the .zip)




Step 1: open a new canvas at 800x600 (do this first then use a smaller canvas size, the smaller the canvas size the better the finished product).


Step 2: Effects > Render > Clouds @ 250, 0.50, Difference



Step 3: Hit Ctrl-F a couple of times until you get a lightningy-denty looking thing:



Step 4: Go to Effects > Distort > Morphology @ 5, 5, Linked, Dilate:



Step 5: Hit Ctrl-F to repeat the effect (CRITICAL STEP).


Step 6: Effects > Height Field to Normal Map @ 6.5-8.0:



Step 7: Invert Colors (Ctrl-Shift-I):



then Black and White (Ctrl-Shift-G, Adjustments > Black and White), you should have something like this:



As a finishing touch, you can Rotate/Zoom (Ctrl-Shift-Z) for a floory perspective. Also, remember that the smaller your canvas the better the effect turns out.


Here is my result on a 150x50 canvas (cropped):



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Nice outcome. Could be very cool in a glass vase

I'll definitely play around with this.

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Here's my result!

After I "Floor'd" my image via rotate/zoom, I duplicated the layer, added HF/NM with bumpiness of 6-6.5, set to black and white (ctrl+shift+g), set the layer blend mode to overlay, and then merged the layers. Gave the floor a bit more depth.

E: Forgot to attach file.


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Nice tutorial with a cool outcome.

If you use median blur with high percentile you get circle-shapes instead of squares.

Then you can make something similar to the skin/hide of a toad !



yup... :roll:


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