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  1. thx Anyway, I don't airbrush that much anymore, so... yeah, its pretty obvious it will have flaws. How about now? http://i.imgur.com/jfGdz.jpg
  2. heres my try: Before: http://i.imgur.com/whL6H.jpg After: note that i kinda screwed the left eye and combined it with Epic Ephiphany's.
  3. remove the C after html, or it wont work. Anyway, thanks
  4. I've been trying to remove wrinkles with it but it doesn't do anything... Is it bugged? And how does it work?
  5. I'm kind of confused, because I press Print Screen... but where does it go? I want to know, mainly because its all curiosity pushing these questions around my head.
  6. cool, but how does the stamp get rid of wrinkles? I used it, but it doesn't work... EDIT: nope, I know how to use it now, so don't reply to this post. Anyways, great tut. (stamp o' approval)
  7. th- th- thank... THANK YOU FOR SAVING THE TREES! (gives the tree a cuddly hug).
  8. Heres my go with a SMILEY FACE (sorry its kinda big CLICK MEEEE
  9. ... what? by the way guys, is my signature fine now? Just tell me if it is and if not then I will remove it
  10. Heres my go at it: CLICK MEEEE
  11. best not to talk about the sig right now o.O ok thx that really helped oh just another thing about my sig in tiny words lol -.- Why do i keep saying LOL these days? -.-
  12. So after looking at a few TuTs, I get bored and decide to plan what Im going to make. I made something but how do I post the steps as images? Do I get a camera and take a screenshot?
  13. looks like cotton candy or for those that don't know that name it would be fairy floss LOL
  14. Wow, this is great! Here's my results: sorry about triple posting lol.
  15. by the way, I created an Orb of Light today >DOUBLEPOSTED< D:<
  16. ok thanks for the advice everyone just keep here if someone want to know. thx for telling me
  17. even on game texture pack forums its being spread! That's how I found out.
  18. grr i was tryin to put mine on thats why theres a bunch of stuff at the bottom >.<
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