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Ed Harvey Effects v 5.0 (2022-12-24)

Ed Harvey

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This topic supersedes the topic for the previous release



At long last I managed to find time to update things and fix all the accrued UI issues 🙂


The latest version of the Ed Harvey Effects package is available here:  EdHarveyEffects.zip


Note: 'Soft Saturation' has now been renamed 'Vibrance'...

Refer HERE if you need more advice on installing plug-ins.

Edit 2012-02-13: Added two new pixelate effects...

What's new?

New Effects

Enhanced Effects

User Interface Changes

  • Splinter - replaced custom UI with standard Paint.NET style UI
  • Aero-glass on custom UIs
  • An Icon for Distort→Wobble ;)
  • New UI for
  • Color Filter
  • Color Tint
  • Filtered Black & White
  • Single Hue
  • Vitreous
  • White Balance

We have now incorporated following effects into paint.NET and so I have removed them from this package

  • Lens Blur+ (incorporated into :UnfocusEffect:Unfocus)
  • :SurfaceBlurEffect: Surface Blur
  • :CrystalizeEffect: Crystalize
  • :DentsEffect: Dents [ 'Dents Classic' now in the Archives :) ]

Removed because they were rubbish!

[shout out loud if you REALLY want them back]

  • Render->Dither [ by popular demand, 'Dither' now in the Archives :) ]
  • Texture->Textile

Complete List of Effects

(new effects highlighted in red, changed effects highlighted in green)


  • Simplify
  • Splinter
  • Surface Blur
  • True Blur
  • Unfocus+


  • Color Filter
  • Color Channel Flip/Rotate
  • Color Tint
  • Extract Channel
  • Filtered Black and White
  • Invert Intensity
  • Single Hue
  • Solarize
  • Threshold
  • Vitrious
  • White Balance


  • Crystallize
  • Dents
  • Drop Ripple
  • Glass Blocks
  • InsideOut
  • Lens
  • MultiView
  • Pixelate (Hexagonal)
  • Pixelate (Cairo Pentagonal)
  • Ripple
  • Wobble


  • Cross-Processing
  • Vignette


  • Halftone
  • Seismograph


  • Vibrance


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Thanks very much for the excellent plug ins Ed , but I have to agree with Frontcannon. Why not stick to one thread and edit it as necessary?

OK, look through my plugin thread and tell me if you can easily tell which bug reports and feature requests are still relevant.

Pinned, BTW.


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[i write plugins and stuff]

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Can we use the old 3.36 common .dll? I didn't see one in the zip file. Or do you even need one?

no longer needed... :D

(but if you have some of my old 'stand-alone' effects, they may still need the old version)


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Excellent work, thank you very much, but if it by any chance I can add the old Dents plugin to the new version? The angled Stretch option in it is really great..

As a general rule, I don't include things in the main package once we have built them into paint.net.

However, it will probably make an appearance in the 'Archives' sometime in the near future :)


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I have finally figured-out what causes the IE bug to surface (only took me 2 years :roll: )

It's complicated and very boring, but you may be pleased to know that have re-configured the download server and it appears to have stopped the problem...

Yay :D


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I`ve been having a problem with Drop Ripple and I`ve spoken to other PDNer`s who have had the same thing . I open up a new canvas, paint it any colour and use Drop Ripple. But as soon as you increase the radius above 1.10 it crashes PDN. I`ve have replicated the same problem a number of times to make sure. All the other settings work fine, it`s only the radius that causes the crash. Here are the details -


I have the latest version of the plug in pack installed with the latest PDN.



Please feel free to visit my Gallery on PDNFans

And my Alternatives to PDN

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi Ed,

You work is really appreciated, and I use your plugins quite a bit. I'm wondering if you could add some functionality to the vignette plug-in, namely the ability to use different colors. It would be great to utilize the color wheel AND the color picker eye dropper. For example, I have a portait and want to match the vignette to the clothing or lipstick. What do you think?

Thanks in advance,


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