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Theme: STONE

"Stone can be rocks, cliffs, gems/gemstones, walls of stone & bricks should be included."


- You have to make a wallpaper with Paint.net.

- The theme is SPEED; this theme might make you think a bit.

- Min. size is 640x480. There is no max. size.

- You cannot use renders OR C4Ds, or any other stocks of any kind.

- When you post, post the DIRECT LINK to the image.

- First 10 entries are counted, and all others are ignored. Enter fast!

- You cannot enter something that you've already made. Start from scratch.


Lance McKnight








Possum Roadkill

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Flip, you need to adjust the first post, I think? Still refers to SPEED.

Frontcannon, it is an easy theme if you just think about it. There's a few concrete tutes around, marble pillars? If all else fails there is the brick plugin.


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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:lol: DragonG1 I like the stone race! very funny.

lots of good entries its nice to see so many ! Will be a hard one to judge. Actually think you all should be proud. Some have more experience but those begginners in the competition are showing some remarkable workarounds with their limited how to do knowledge. Some real up and commers in this one.

I look forward to viewing how this one comes out.

ciao OMA

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Thanks Oma! I accatully had a entry before that, but I deleted that post imeiditely because I relizead I used a render.

And for this entry I found out that you can make a sorta rock texture without using clouds.


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dragonG1.. learning and trying different ideas to get a variation of the cloud method for making rocks, I;m impressed. you can consider this was a highly succesful image on your part no matter how many votes you get or don;t get. The best and most personally fulfilling images are those where you learn something new, or try something different. Good luck in the competition its a stiff competition, as I;ve said lots of good entries.



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lol forbidden rose... the texture is kool but if i set that as my wallpaper any one that saw it would be like ummm, who's forbidden rose... and what did she enter :D

Simplicity For The Win!

Sig Battle Wins: ||


Please Feel Free To Check Out

My Gallery

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Forbidden Rose is a young girl who despite being paid out on (or ridiculed in whatever vernacular the reader chooses) in the most appalling manner by some non-thinkers on this forum, has decided to enter another challenge & this makes her a better person.

I'm certain that you could add that to the image to use as your wallpaper.

Haven't seen an entry from you or Frontcannon for this comp either.


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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