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    RAM Designs

    Really nice. But can't You publish in a little bigger resolution???
  2. Try this: > My computer > Select C: Drive > Right click, Properties > Tools tab > Errors group-box, Check now By the way I want to mention this in NOT a Paint.Net problem. Of course while installing something could go wrong, but as I assume that You used PDN before, I don't see anything in common. Have You added any plugins?, have installed any other apps?, was the .Net Framework going weird?. Reinstall .net Framework (user version 3.0 or newer).
  3. Want new features? Write them to this http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=32567 post.
  4. You are NOT the first person with this problem.
  5. At the beginning I want to tell You that the team of programmers that are working on Paint.Net have priorities on the application development. Having ideas is not bad, but keep in mind the Paint.Net is not application where features are added be demand. The main goal of the existing Paint.Net project is to make a optimized, easy to use, stable, easy to debug graphic application; NOT make a graphical environment with more features than anyone can count. By the way, my ideas: - RIBBON INTERFACE !!! - Plugin manager with a plugin online store - Vector layers, text layers, transform layers, adjustment layers - More color adjustments (Exposure...) - Effects / Filter Gallery (preview) - Advanced Text Effects (MS Office) - A tiny 3D support (making can with the label of the image) What do you think of this?
  6. Paint.Net Bug! The position of the main window and all other floating panes are stored in the Registry (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Paint.NET). There is no difference when opening with arguments (pictures) or not. Maybe Programmers have a reason why this is this way not the other. My advice: Check the shortcut. Some shortcuts have configured to open main windows maximized, minimized (Run option).
  7. Yes, when I open, paste a image I have to wait half a second before I can move it around. I can't tell You more.
  8. 1. Do You have the .Net Framework installed properly? Reinstall it. 2. Are You logged as an Administrator? 3. what did the message when opening PDN say? 4. Do You have Microsoft installer? 5. Restart You computer and try again.
  9. Well it is possible. You can do it without a plugin. 1) Open an image where You want to use as background 2) Layers > Import From File... (open the second image, the one that You want to be ripped of) 3) Activate Lasso Select Tool, rip the right and bottom (by selecting be hand) 4) Edit > Invert Selection, Edit > Erase Selection 5) Add a shadow from effects and flatten the image.
  10. 1. Wrong forum. This forum is for publishing plugins (You make a plugin, publish it here) 2. Paint.Net is NOT an animation app. You can make a fade of one image on the second, but there is no animation. 3. To make a fade: a) Open FIRST image Choose Layers > Import From File (open the second image) c) Show the Layers pane (Window > Layers). You should see two layers. d) Select the HIGHER layer and double click it. a Properties window appears. e) Set opacity to about 100-150. Click OK. f) Choose Image > Flatten
  11. RMEMBER: You should never shut down a PC or Mac by pulling out his/her power cord. I know this is usually faster and quicker but can cause irreversible loss of data :-):-)
  12. Good advice: next time when experimenting with effects create a image with bigger resolution (in case the You wanted to use it as a wallpaper or something)
  13. This is an example of irresponsibility by the administrators (for example: Rick Brewster)
  14. I don't understand. Who wants to make his what gallery. And what do moderators and Warhol have to do with it. Please write lighter.
  15. Really nice. Andrew Warhol would be impressed.
  16. I didn't find any difference. I mean, I use Paint.Net a lot, I used every version form 2.7, and the only performance change I spotted was in 3.36. If You can try reinstalling the system. I know it is stupid to reinstall the whole OS for one app, but maybe sometine else is slowing You down.
  17. Isn't it cool. This picture shows the possibilities of advanced technic usage in Paint.Net. Of course I will not tell anyone how I did it. Please comment it.
  18. @forbiddenrose please tell us, who's tip was the most helpful. I think of mine, because I explained step by step what to do, what is the most important thing to new users.
  19. I can see Tile Reflections, Zoom Blur and Radial Blur. very nice.
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