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Done. It will show up next month.

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No problem - you're just in time ;)

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@Ego Eram Reputo Just a heads-up.  @Reptillian's 'Tiled Form' plugin is listing it under Effects-->Artistic.  He moved it awhile age to Effects-->Stylize.


(And I wondered why I couldn't find it...)  🤪  Thanks for all you do!

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I'm late with the Index this month - so there is stil time :)


I'll whack in the change when I update it tomorrow.


Thanks People!

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December Update


A handful of new plugins this month.


Welcome to the three new authors, unyxium, iOrange & xchellx who have released their very first plugins!


Sorry for the delay getting this edition up ;)


GIF Images and Animations FileType Midora Loads and saves GIF (*.GIF) and animated GIF (*.AGIF) files. A PDN 4.3+ update of the previous incarnation known as ImGIF/AGIF. Installation: unzip and copy the ImAGIF.filetype folder with all it's contents to PDNs FileTypes folder.


Override HSV unyxium Edit any of the Hue, Saturation & Value (HSV) channels, setting all pixels to a new value. Think of this as the typical hue/sat tool except you are overwriting channels with a certain value (rather than adding/subtracting).


Perlin Waves Pascal Uses Perlin noise to generate a wave texture. Source code supplied.


QOI FileType iOrange Load and save QOI (Quite OK Image) formated images. The format losslessly compresses RGB/A images to a similar size of PNG, while offering a 20x-50x speedup in compression and 3x-4x speedup in decompression. Source available on GitHub.


TXTR FileType xchellx TXTR file format support as found in the Metroid Prime series of games. Supports loading and saving of all texture types associated with the format.


Voronoi Pascal Generate Voronoi diagram/cells/textures. These shapes partition a plane into regions close to each of a given set of objects. Source code provided.


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Happy New Year PDNers! :)


January 2022 Update


There are a few new plugins this month (technically there were a couple more, but I snuck them in last month's update).


Emboss/Relief+ Reptillian Enhanced version of the Emboss effect.  Options: change radius, change internal convolution kernel, and the ability to isolate color channels for individual convolution. Source code available. Based on code found here https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/9645-steerable-gaussian-filters


Three-Coupled Oscillators Reptillian Bifurcation diagram for two-parameters of torus-map or three-coupled oscillators (creates brilliantly colored wave-form type patterns). Source code provided.


WEBP Animations and Images Midora Loads WEBP animation and image files. NOTE: the plugin author has used the file extension .awebp to denote animations. Animated images will need to have their extension changed to enable loading.


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