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A slight correction. An Archimedean spiral doesn't tighten toward the center (unlike, for instance, a logarithmic spiral). The defining characteristic of an Archimedean spiral is that the distance between consecutive loops is constant.

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Thanks MJW - next release will have that wording change.

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9 hours ago, Djisves said:

@Ego Eram Reputo,

TR's Custom Random Filler appears in the Index as TR's Custom Shape Filler .  


Yep. Right below the title in the thread is this the AKA.


On 9/11/2014 at 2:49 PM, TechnoRobbo said:

TechnoRobbo's Custom Random Filler 


(AKA Custom Shape Filler)


I think it probably got renamed sometime after it was released. For consistency, I'll flag the Index to change it in the next release.


Thanks for pointing it out.

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