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:shock: Stupendous work!!! I love the lighting and shading in your image and the colors are chosen well. Also, how did you do the leaves? I usually draw mine out, but if you have an easier method, I'm all ears. :)

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Beautiful pic. I love the vines across the top of the building and the stone work is amazing. The only thing I would change is the grass. As Lance said - it`s a bit too uniform . But other than that there is not a lot wrong. Another masterpiece! :D :wink:



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@Lance McKnight, thank you, no I am not :lol:,

Well the design needs a uniform grass and I thought this is un-uniform :), so in your opinion is somehow uniform?

@HELEN, Thank you very much, there is some more shadows to add. And I draw my leaves normally without using any special method, I had some in the custom brushes folder I did them before, whenever I design a new element I add it to the folder for future use, I posted the leaf and the branch that I used in the image(check up) they are the only elements used to create the vine by just copy and paste, but of course with distorting them and play with the colors then added some yellow lines and bunches of grapes.

@welshblue, thank you man :lol: that would be a hard landscaping project: .Btw I saw your new version of the castle and it is wonderful, the only thing, as I think and you don't have to, is to add at least one dead tree, or may be a remnant of a tree on one side especially in the first version.

@Goonfella, ok goon I explained the grass problem to Lance McKnight cause he is thinking same thing, what I need is a uniform grass but with realistic effect, not boring like just one piece...!. If you guys understand what I am trying to achieve and have any idea? I appreciate.

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How about this -


Made using the noise/motion blur method plus clouds at default setting and blend mode multiply to try to break up the evenness.

I made several layers of grass starting off at low settings with the noise and gradually building up the saturation so the grass was longer when blurred and blending them all in.

Is this something like what you are after? :)



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And my Alternatives to PDN

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If you observe nature, there's always a patch of yellow-green blend with a majority of green, and it's not always perfectly even unless you are a professional landscaper and have access to the right equipment. If you are satisfied with your picture, leave it be, my friend. I think it is absolutely beautiful either way. Goon has a good idea going there, and I would add a bit of yellow/green tint here and there.

Officially retired from this forum. Have a nice day.

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Goonfella and Lance McKnight, thank you very much both of you, Goon I used same steps as yours in the first version and used Jitter but not the cloud effect, so in this second version I added the clouds and that gave me the effect that Lance mentioned about the yellow spots, because I realized that I am not a good landscaper :wink:

I am using the Jitter plugin just to create the free ends of the grass on top.

I put the two version side by side to see the big difference

1-th_vineoflove1000.jpg .........2-th_vineoflove21000.jpg

This is the grass pad I used:


Looks much better thanks again.

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@ Lance McKnight, absolutely the second one no doubt, that is it this is final grass effect, as long as you and Goonfella liked it I do like it more, and thanks for help again, I just want to finish it and post the final image to see your reactions because oma (thanked) has another good point about the balusters.

@ sokagirl, so sorry about that, I should v included that in the tutorial but I said lets every one has his own texture, anyway to do the same highlights, just visit page-1 in same tutorial and scroll all the way down you can see a mini tut on how to do the gradient, or click on this link will direct you there:


@ A Fleeting Glimpse, well you are reading my mind :shock: , this image is based on a story of a song, a phrase in it says "when we drink wine of our vine of love", I am glad because I feel I was successful in translating the poem to a picture, thanks so much :P .

A new image added to the gallery, 100% PDN:

Glassy Flower

"File size is 640 KB"


.......hope you will like it

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Perhaps another poem that would fit well with this piece :D

Lament for Mr Tai

Wine-maker there by Yellow Fountains,

‘Eternal Spring’ that’s still your vintage.

Without Li Po on Night’s Terrace

Who can there be to bring you custom?

EDIT I forgot to add the 'Glass Flower' is truely beautiful

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@jos_h2o, I am glad you liked my gallery, and thank you for the comment.

@welshblue, :lol: those floating rocks they look like a chocolate, and the free toy will be the fish ship :) ? Thanks man for your complement I like it.

This is a new space station I call it "MotherBlue", I need a good title related to motherhood term.

Hope you will like it:


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:D oh now that bar is raised tooooooooo high for me. That pictures is beyond amazing I do not even begin to know English words to describe. I see how you managed many textures and think maybe I could try this , but I think my computor would have total melt down at the overload of input and output required. Excellent !!!

ciao OMA

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