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  1. You have created some fantastic pieces of imaginations! Great smooth stuff!
  2. Sorry folks.. this time just a small simple witz!
  3. @ Ais: Thanks.. the idea of a pearl of water was blowing like the wind in my mind, and anytime i just realised it (alas) through Paint.Net on my birthday! @barbieq25: You know, wind is something that drives me too! I actually was working on something driven by wind, but did not comeout as I thought it should have... will see if it becomes presentable anytime..
  4. so, now completed something very simple looking line drawing. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks.
  5. Thanks guys for foreseeing the stones on the way ahead! To begin with, one should not let the control change with size of canvas.
  6. Hi developers, I would like to have a feature that allows us to visually select the brush size. I have tried to show it below. Do you think one can have such a feature? Thanks
  7. Yep.. that shows action with some flames and fire! However the other two should show the flame and the fire as well, but they are too subtle to be evident in my creations.
  8. KEJA


    Hey Yellowman, the glassflower is so tender! Looking first time, the only word that came in the mind was "Wow"!
  9. Hey great folks! I just wanted to share with you some of my work here. Although since two years am using Paint.Net, I am still a learner! Therefore, I would appreciate if you could give some constructive critics to what I will be presenting here in coming time! Thanks. 1. Fighter plane: I enjoyed creating this especially because I had to use simple techniques like tilt, bulge, flip, etc to get the shape from a simple triangle and a simple fuselage! 2. Raindrop on my hips: wished I could be that pearl! 3. Wind: That Indian Beauty, gone with the wind!
  10. Yes... i just found out the name. It is called Edge finder. You go on selecting the area piece by piece, and in each piece of your selection, it marks the border based on the colour variation. One achieve pretty good results if at complicated areas one magnifies the image and makes the selection. The good thing is that it is continious meaning you don't press the Ctrl button. BUT i have not used the PictureIt since i have found paint.net :-)
  11. Here is one example where I used Magic Wand to cut (select) the two images. It was not easy because the colours were at some parts too similar. I was no doubt able to make use of Magic wand, but it was a tedious job. Moreover there are some parts where it is not 100% perfect.
  12. Not exactly... I have used magic wand often. It is naturally nice to select the colours and therefore the area. But it is not possible to make a border line. I have gone through one tut Cutting out images the easy way! Version 2. from Tendercrisp, but it is not exactly that I want. His way is too tedious! Have you worked with PictureIt..? I dont know remember the name of that tool that i talk about!
  13. I have gone through the tutorials and some discussions but was not able to find out how to select the images like in Microsoft PictureIt where by selecting an area, one boundry line is generated which differentiates two different colours. One can go on selecting small areas unless you have whole picture selected. This is pretty good method because one is able to differentiate for example very thin areas like hairs too! Can anyone help me out here?
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