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  1. Yayy! I uploaded some new stuff!! =) I hope ya like it! Thanks for your time! -H2o
  2. Finally got around to adding some new stuff. I apologize for only having links and no thumbnails.
  3. Maybe make the trees that show through her hair slightly tinted like Jack says? With or without color, smoothing, noise, etc., it looks awesome, just so ya know. I think it'd make a heck of a cover.
  4. Regarding "Wrong Path", amazing 3d work and shadows on the arm things of what I can only imagine are either Sentries or mines. Great crater effect too! I just checked out your gallery, and you have some very impressive stuff. Great job!!!
  5. 1. What's my mood like right now? "The Day Hell Broke Loose At Sicard Hollow"-Maylene And The Sons of Disaster 2. How's tomorrow going to be for me? "Hello Monday"-Pivitplex(should be Thursday....) 3. What kind of person am I? "Undying"-Demon Hunter(lovely answer) 4. Am I loved? "Until My Last Goodbye"-O.A.T.H. 5. How can I achieve my highest potential? "Firebreather"-Thrice 6. What should I do with my life? "Hephaestus: Hammer of The Gods"-The Showdown 7. Is everything really going to be alright in the end? "Everything"-Since October 8. What is my best quality? "When Hope Is All You Have"-Spoken(Oh, wonderful) 9. How does my social life look? "Mighty To Save"-Seventh Day Slumber(hm...) 10. What's the meaning of life? "Stand up"-Fireflight 11. What do people think of me? "Ribcage"-Demon Hunter 12. How crazy am I? "Emily(Instrumental)"-Since October 13. Where will I be a year from now? "Lacking All"-Complex Zero(dangit) 14. What is my fondest wish? "Comatose"-Skillet 15. How did my parents meet? "Clocks and Timepieces"-Search The City 16. What will I dream about tonight? "Babies Breath"-Brave Saint Saturn(huh?) 17. What should I be working on right now? "Crazy(All of Me)"-Red Umbrella 18. What's my roommate up to currently? "God Forbid"-P.O.D. 19. What did I do last weekend? "Pulling Back The Skin"-House of Heroes(Ouch!!!) 20. Describe me. "As We Wept"-Demon Hunter 21. What does my music player think of me? "Satisfy Me"-DecembeRadio(...... Should I be worried?)
  6. Love In an Elevator by Aerosmith "*Burn* In Me" by The Glorious Unseen
  7. Dude, that button looks nice. I have but one bit of advice(I'm not one to give advice, and I don't know if this would even work for sure), you might try selecting only the button before blurring it, just to contain some of the 'run-off' onto the blank part of the layers. The second one is pretty spiffy too. Quite spiffy,
  8. Completely re-done gallery... I hope you enjoy it! =)
  9. "The Hospital" by And Then There Were None. Electronica may be my new "thing".... Maybe. It might just be very annoying. I can't tell.
  10. I mixed it up a bit... Added a smoke effect, and a lot of just "bleh"(you know, the filler kind) to it. I only looked at the finished result on the tutorial and tried to duplicate it, so I didn't really use the tutorial. Well? How'd I do?
  11. "Undone", by O.A.T.H., and "Roped and Tied", also by O.A.T.H.
  12. Added some stuff.... Renovated the whole "gallery".... Removed some of the older stuff.... Have a nice day. =)
  13. Maybe he's from the UK and considers the term "bloody" a curse instead of "bloody" as in.... Covered in blood.
  14. "Canto III" by Red(if anyone has the special edition of that album, that's a joke) "This Love" by Stavesacre.
  15. "Southern Weather" by The Almost. Next is going to be something from the new Seventh Say Slumber worship album. =) It's quite nice.
  16. Wow! The "Weird Japanese Candy" one is.... Interesting. Nice style! It's impressive.
  17. Added: I also added a link that uses that knife...
  18. That first abstract is simply beautiful! So is "Beautiful Nightmare"(I saw the link name). Also, is there a tutorial for the way you did those eyes? I can only make eyes go one color, and if I try more colors, it kinda.... Goes awry to say the least. :oops: Great gallery!
  19. Perhaps I could've specified better.... My attempts at abstracts are bad. Quite bad. So bad, I usually just exit without saving them. I like abstracts though. They allow for a lot of feeling through color and texture.
  20. As my guitar teacher tells me, I have "kinda big fingers", so I find it hard to move something in PDN and leave it there without moving the cursor when I lift off of it. Also, it reduces my accuracy greatly. I've been trying out different kinds of sticks and stuff to use like a stylus. So far, I've had no luck. I figured a pencil eraser would work. Nope. If I find something, I'll post it though. Has anyone tried a stylus from a DS yet? I'm considering buying a pack of 'em just to try on this. Good luck!
  21. 1)Impressive. I give it an 8 out of 10. 2)I'm not a fan of work like that, but for an abstract, it's quite nice. Maybe if the colors were different I'd give it a higher rating, but I'm going with a 6/10. 3)I have to go with a 7/10. 4)I like the intense look/feel of this one. It looks intimidating just to see it. Nice render too. 7/10.
  22. Very interesting, FreE. I like the texture. 6.5/10
  23. I added a couple new pictures and removed my others. I hope you enjoy them. Let me know your opinion. I need to get better.
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