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Sharpen Text/Image and Add Brushed Aluminum look?

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Have tried a few tutorials but still struggling with this and am a complete noob to paint.net.  I am trying to create a decal and need to send a high res photo of a logo for it.  But there are no high res photos online.  Have tried recreating it in paint, but getting jagged edges vs smooth edges and second, would like to make the grey look more like a brushed aluminum grey?

Not sure if this is also a way to create the same shape.  Any help would be appreciated!



E.g., make this, that I managed to get from a couple different logos...



look more like this:



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Hello @pbc and welcome to the forum :)


The best Plugin to use to get rid of 'jaggies' is AA's Assistant.


To get more dimension/roundness to you text and emblem, is to use @BoltBait's Bevel Object, which can be found in his Plugin pack.

There is also a Metalize Plugin. 


bevel-object.png    < Clickable >



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Hello & welcome to the forum @pbc


One trick is to make your image larger. Much larger.


The image you posted is 285px x 280px. If you use a canvas that is five or six times that size you'll find the edges will be easier to smooth out (because there are a lot more pixels to play with).



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I've created the madvr logo shape (with image tracing).


Put it in "Program  Files\paint.net\Shapes" folder and restart paint.net.

madvr.zip (I might delete this file as I have a limited attachment capacity.)


You can use Inkscape to trace images and convert them to SVGs. After that, you can use my svg plugin to import them into paint.net.



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