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[Help] How to create 2d circular saw blade ?

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The blade in the original photo has a tooth count of 24 printed on the blade.
I used a transparent top layer and the Effects>Texture>Light Rays plugin to divided the area withe the colors a settings that you see in the screen capture below:

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@welshblue - yes, that's amazing! I might want the blades with a bit "less shape", but I hope it's something that's easy to change. how did you make it? I wasn't aware of that plugin btw, I'll download it now and play with it. If it's was with it, any tips on how to use it would be great.


Regarding the number of teeth - again, I hope that's configurable, but around 20. I'll probably play with it until I'm satisfied though.


Also, even though I might want blades with less shape, I would also love to know how you created yours!




Example of what I mean by blades with "less shape":


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Yeah sure, that's great.


I actually started playing with the plugin, got some nice mid results for now. Although I'm still looking forward to your tutorial, so don't back on that ;)


In the meantime though - any quick tips on how to create the "circular motion blur" that's on the disc it self?

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Either the 2nd or the last (from left to right). I think the last one though.



Regarding the circular motion blur: I'm not sure what you mean by paint.net made texture, but I filled my entire layer in a rended clouds with light & dark gray, then tried to use radial blur. That's the best I got, which isn't what I want / what you got:






I can remove everything other than the circular area, but it still doesn't look good.

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This is a very similar matter to one I had a few years ago now where I wanted to incorporate a circular saw blade into a skin for a games console.


The teeth were indeed the problem - you could do them crudely as triangles but creating anything with a more complex design seemed to require each one being done individually. That was mainly due to the lighting effects on the cutting edges which vary with their position in relation to the light source.


Doing that 24 to 36 times would have been torture so in the end I wimped out and used a free online image but I've never been 100% happy with it.




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2 hours ago, msh said:

Any chance someone here knows how to desired saw blade fins?


Hello @msh there is a tutorial on YouTube by one of our members @yellowman and, whilst it was done in an older version of PDN, the theory will be the same.  Hopefully it will be of help.




How I made Jennifer & Halle in Paint.net

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You could make a mask of the cutout with two filled selections.


Gaussian blur 
Duplicate layer
AA's Assistant

That will smooth the mask edges.


Duplicate the mask layer.

Rotate the layer 15 degrees using the Move Selected Pixels tool

with the right mouse button and the Shift key down.

Merge the mask layers.


Duplicate - Rotate - Merge until there is a full circle mask.


Apply the mask to the gray disk using the Paste Alpha plugin.









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That is practically what I did too but the fact is the teeth on that example, like my own attempts and even the one I eventually downloaded, are effectively only 2D.


The moment you go for a more realistic 3D tooth design with each cutting edge angled differently and therefore, for realism, requiring different highlighting it becomes a long winded chore.  


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Wow thanks everyone for the comments - so quickly and so many, didn't expect that; awesome community here!


I'll try all of the suggestions here and see what I come up with - thanks!


@IHaveNoName I don't have any specific "3d requirement" like you did though, so all of these solutions should be more than fine for me.

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