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  1. I was looking for a way to organize layers by folders, and noticed it's a known feature. I thought about implementing it in a custom window using a plugin, but looking at the guides I couldn't find a way to create a custom window such as the layers window. Is there a way to do it and I just missed it? If so, where? If not, is there a way I can help with paint.net source code it self? If so, where is the right place to ask about it / get more info about it?
  2. @Red ochre thanks for the reply! 2a. I actually already used Gaussian blur with your Alpha Threshold, it still wasn't smooth. I just tried to use AA assistant* plugin to smooth it. While it made it look smooth, and probably good enough, your still somehow looks better. Might be due to resolution though, since I'm using 256x256 (That's the target resolution I need). It might not be noticeable at the end anyway though, so good enough for me p.s. I'm not really sure why it looks like white pixels, but it's completely transparent. I guess I don't really know how to copy/paste an image with transparency 2b. I downloaded the plugin now that you mentioned it and tried to play with the plugin, but it doesn't seem like any option would matter. I keep getting a solid color. Before: After: 3. Generally I know I can use motion blur to create sort of a shadow, or at least I get the idea, but I'm still a bit confused due to the values. When I tried to use almost any values, it didn't look that good. But then again the layers I have before the motion blur isn't like yours too, so it might be that. I'll wait until it will like yours to try again, and hopefully I'll understand it better. 5. Looking again at your first picture, I can see that even that has some sort of gradient to it. It looks like some of your transparent pixels are grey while others white. The way I did it was simply paint the background black, use magic wand to select it, inverse selection, then delete.
  3. @Red ochre - Thanks for the guided pictures! However, I have to admit I'm having trouble following you. You seem to have too much confidence in my ability 1. What is image size? I'm asking because I tried to use the same amount of motion blur, and it doesn't even look close to your image 2. You said I did well the base shape, but: 2.a. In the first image, you have black background and transparent pixels for the shape. I tried to do the same with my shape, but it's not as smooth as yours. I tried recreating my helix, and even though it got better, it still wasn't smooth enough; you can clearly see the non-smooth edges, specially around the "edges" (where it turns from right to left) 2.b. Even the colors in your images doesn't match mine. I tried to use different color options in the helix plugin or even using the black and white adjustment, but it still doesn't look like yours, in any of the pictures. 3. What exactly are you doing with each layer? you specified some notes in the last picture, but I'm not sure in all the other ones. Even the one with the motion blur - is is that multiply? overlay? I could obviously play with it, but since it didn't look like yours in (1) to begin with, and no value made it look good, I'm not sure where is even the problem 4. In your last picture you have a box selection, but rotated. Yours seems very accurate though; Did you use a plugin or simply used a box selection and then rotated it?
  4. Yeah been playing with it a bit so I assumed so. Anyway thanks, and I'll be waiting for your steps on both this and the saw blade. And thanks again!
  5. @welshblue yeah that's very close, I would love to know the steps! 2 comments though: (1) There's a noticeable tear/seam/texture. Attached a picture of what I'm talking about (2) I'm looking for a more cartoon style than realistic Either way I can try and play with the above issues my self, but just getting to where you are now would be amazing if you can share?
  6. @welshblue tried playing with it, but still couldn't get a similar look to what I posted 😕
  7. @welshblue awesome, nice improvement over the simple radial blur!
  8. @Red ochre - thanks for the response! I couldn't quite follow that though. I managed to follow the first few steps I believe, and got this: But I couldn't quite figure how to use the motion blur to imitate shading. I tried to use the bevel object, and got this: Seems like I'm missing something, but not sure what? p.s. ".. but I expect it will be disallowed soon anyway" - what do you mean by that? what will be disallowed, by whom, and why?
  9. mm I'm still not sure how to even create the basic shape. I tried to use both the guide and a helix wit the guide texture object rounder, but this is what I got: Obviously, both are really bad.
  10. @BoltBait - thanks, that was the missing piece! I got my basic artwork for now - thank you all! @welshblue - I'd still love to see your tutorial, would probably make my blade a lot better, if you still want to make one that is. Post it here if you do.
  11. I'm looking for a way to create something like the following picture. Specifically, the spring part of it. I tried to use the helix plugin, or the lines plugin -> shape 3d plugin. Although I can get a similar shape, it never feels like the spring in the picture.
  12. Either the 2nd or the last (from left to right). I think the last one though. Regarding the circular motion blur: I'm not sure what you mean by paint.net made texture, but I filled my entire layer in a rended clouds with light & dark gray, then tried to use radial blur. That's the best I got, which isn't what I want / what you got: p.s. I can remove everything other than the circular area, but it still doesn't look good.
  13. Yeah sure, that's great. I actually started playing with the plugin, got some nice mid results for now. Although I'm still looking forward to your tutorial, so don't back on that In the meantime though - any quick tips on how to create the "circular motion blur" that's on the disc it self?
  14. @welshblue - yes, that's amazing! I might want the blades with a bit "less shape", but I hope it's something that's easy to change. how did you make it? I wasn't aware of that plugin btw, I'll download it now and play with it. If it's was with it, any tips on how to use it would be great. Regarding the number of teeth - again, I hope that's configurable, but around 20. I'll probably play with it until I'm satisfied though. Also, even though I might want blades with less shape, I would also love to know how you created yours! p.s. Example of what I mean by blades with "less shape":
  15. I'm looking to create something like this: Specifically I'm having issues with the blades them selves. I thought about using the twist plugin and tried to play with it, but if it is possible to do something like it using it, I have no idea how.
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