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Spherical Bulge


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Distort > Spherical Bulge


There's really no other way to describe it. This plugin creates a bulge-like effect within a custom circular radius that feels very spherical.




  • Radius -- Increases the size of the circle where the effect will occur. At 1.00, the effect will cover the entire screen, however you can go even higher if you want, which has its own interesting effects. Like the rest of my plugins, this one assumes that you have an infinite canvas of the image seamlessly mirrored onto itself.
  • Intensity -- Increases the strength of the effect. If this number is positive, the effect will go inwards, like some kind of hallway, while if it's negative it'll bulge outwards.
  • Move -- Allows you to move the effect around the canvas.
  • Edge Behavior -- determines what the pixels outside of the effect range do. "Ignore" means nothing happens to them, "Cut" cuts them out of the image, "Clamp" / "Reflect" / "Wrap" match the settings in my Polar Reflection plugin -- the effect circle gets clamped, reflected or wrapped outwards in a circular way.
  • Quality -- Like my updated Rectangular Inversion plugin, this uses a pretty large amount of sampling in higher qualities. Would not recommend going above 4 on large images.


Let's take a look at the plugin.



Here's a source image. As tradition dictates, I'm using a picture of Obama.




Here's your default settings. Note how while there's a bulge-like effect happening within the radius of the circle, there's also some interesting radial reflection going on as well, giving it a very seamless appearance.




Here I've increased the radius -- now a larger amount of the picture has had the effect applied to it.




Switched back to the default radius and upped the Intensity. There's a lot more going on now and while its still mostly seamless, it's getting harder to see how everything fits together.




If the intensity goes negative, you get a very spherical-looking bulge. Unlike the in-built bulge effect, this will work only within the circular radius you've selected, so it's quite useful for that reason alone.




You can also Move the effect circle wherever you want.


Edge Behavior


"Ignore" and "Cut" should be obvious, so I won't cover those.




Here's what the "Clamp" setting looks like.




Here's a "Reflect". This is basically identical to the way my Polar Reflection plugin does things.




Here's a "Wrap". Same deal here.








Other than its general distortion effects, this plugin seems to be particularly well-suited to making "hallways" inside 3-D images.


Still to do

  • Anything outside the radius shouldn't have the quality settings applied to it on "Ignore" and "Cut" mode.
  • The quality slider doesn't really do anything with things bigger than the source image. I guess that makes sense given how it works. I'll need to rethink my algorithm a bit there.
  • At some point I'm going to reorganize my Quality setting (I guess after the above update, since it affects other plugins), so there will be an update here that has a more standard Quality setting, except with the additions of level 6 and 7, which are equivalent to 10 or 20 respectively.
  • There should be some way of adjusting X and Y intensities individually. Will require more experimentation probably. Or might look totally awful and not be worth it.
  • Having more control over the internal reflection size probably makes sense.


Download Link


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More goodies!  🍬 🍭   Thank you @Xhin!  :)


sphericalbulge_01a.png    sphericalbulge_01b.png


Lots of possibilities here, as with all your plugins.  


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