OotF#39 ~ A Round Football - Entries.

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Object of the Fortnight #39 – A Round Football (known as A soccer ball to Americans) chosen by @Pixey


Here are some examples:



The deadline for entries is 2.00 PM EST (7:00 PM UK Time) on Saturday 18th May, 2019.


Please see the Countdown Timer for exact time remaining:



You may link to alternative versions, but they will not be part of your entry.


This thread is for posting competition entries only. If you're not posting an entry, please don't post here.

If you want to talk about any of the entries, or ask a question regarding the competition, you can do so in the discussion thread found here.


Competition Rules:

1. Your entry must not have a background/backdrop/scene; just the object on a transparent canvas. Shadows and reflections are fine.

2. Your entry must be 100% made using Paint.net. Don't use another image editor. Don't use stock images/photos/textures (in full or parts thereof.)

3. Max dimensions are 600x600.

4. You may modify or replace your image until the deadline.

5. Three entries per entrant are allowed. Please make a separate post for each one.

New rule:   6. Upon a tie when winning, the person who hasn’t picked for the longest gets to choose the next theme.

Many thanks to @toe_head2001 and @DrewDale for launching and hosting the competitions in the past.  Previous comps have included the following topics here.

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