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Lydia's Gallery - My Images Are Also Gifts to the PDN Community


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These are some examples of ways I've used Paint.Net. Certainly not the only way. These are smaller images. I created all of them only using Paint.Net. They are 8" x 10" photo layouts. The originals are in 300 dpi/resolution and can be downloaded from below each image, which can be printed by professional printing companies for photo books, on fabric, on canvas, on a wall sign, or just printing out an 8" x 10" photo using a professional printing process. Change your resolution setting to 300 when using them that way......*but* to print on your home printer and save on ink, keep your resolution setting to its default of 96 and drag these images down to the size of your 8 x 10 inch canvas, while holding down the "Shift" button to prevent the image from becoming distorted.


This will also likely be the extent of my gallery. I just wanted to show others another way Paint.Net is used because there is a big group of people out there who like making things like this. I am not one who likes to clutter a layout with a lot of elements because it distracts from the actual photo. I also don't make these as often as i use to but the other two softwares are not the only kids in town for this type of image creation. Some photos are just fine on their own but sometimes it's nice or fun to use these.


Once an image has been completed with a photo or photos, you can always make it smaller by zooming out and take a screen shot of it, which makes the size of the entire image smaller, too. That can make it easier to send by way of email or text messaging.


I'll be getting pretty busy again and won't have as much time to use Paint.Net but I am excited to see what changes come this year. It's a very cool software.





Here is the download link if anyone wants it.

I used an old vintage Valentine post card and a really old vintage photo. I blended parts of the images in to work well with what I was doing. I found some old ephemera that was, I think, a Song of Solomon but they were beautiful words so I used parts of them. I made the paper heart and frame. This was a lot of blending and transparency use. I used "Fill" and "Bevel" to make the photo frame that matches.  The paper heart was from scratch. I love the "Texturize" plug-in and tend to use it a lot.





I used "Texturize" for the background paper. I used different colors along with "Frosted Glass" and "Gaussian Blur" to make the colors in the background. I used some of my shapes from my shape packs to make the clouds and hanging string. I completely recreated an image I saw from a very old vintage Valentine's post card. It was challenging and brushes don't work for 300 dpi setting, as they are very small but it worked out well to make the little guy's hair.

Here is the download link if anyone wants to use this.







This is an example of how awesome BoltBait's "Seamless Helper" seamless tile maker is. It's made digital paper patterns that are very beautiful. I think it's very fast and easy to use for the process. Again, I made the paper heart. They are easy to make. It's all about where to put a slightly darker shading and the shadow blob.

Here is the download link to this layout if anyone wants to use it.







A simple layout for some photos to go into using beautiful words of a poem, credited.

Here is the download link if anyone wants to view this in it's larger size for educational purposes and for personal use.









Just a few simple things can be done to create something pretty. The image blended in to the background is royalty free, from Pixalbay. The rest is blending and using the "Fill" tool to make a "wooden" frame from an image of wooden boards. The flower was taken from Pixabay and cut out of a photo. In the full resolution it looks better and was a nice touch. I couldn't use brushes to make the background look grungy but I did find a colorful grungy royalty free image and turned it into a black and white image then used "Overlay".  I used some beautiful words, credited. Using Paint.Net to make something to put your photos in isn't everyone's things but it's something some do find of interest, like to make and like to do. If you want to use this for personal and or educational purposes, the download link is here.






I just threw this together quickly. I have various palm leaves and palm trees and other related tropical images in a shape pack I created so it took no time to put a flamingo and palm tree on there then paint it in. If you'd like to have and use this for personal use the download link is here. I think on this one I used a royalty free image of clouds and blended them into the sky since I couldn't use hi res cloud brushes, but, I tweaked the photo up so much to do the sky the way I wanted it that you can't really tell. There is also a blank one where you can put whatever text you want on it. I even had coconuts on the tree but you can't see them. I used "Texturize" on the palm tree and in other ways.  It's a silly layout but some will find it kind of cute.





and finally




A nice way to display multiple photos into one image.

The download link is here.









Hi, everyone. I hope I'm doing this right.

Merry Christmas.




This is a gift to anyone who would like it. The image showing is just a sample with two photos in it. It's an 8"x10" (easy for home printing, if anyone wanted to) layout that you put your photos behind. Just slip two photos behind the two frames. It's just a .png image and also 300 dpi, so to use it, just drag it down to a 96 resolution canvas size if you want, or print it out in 300 resolution. Either one.


There's an additional text that says "Ya Filthy Animal", from Home Alone. It's in the layer .pdn files. You can also put whatever names or last name or words on the car, if you use it. I'm sure some of you can add a lot more fun to the layout because of your awesome PDN skills and creativity.


Oh, and, made entirely using Paint.Net, of course. 😁

Click here for the 8x10" .png single image download

For anyone wanting the layers, I saved them, also. I think there are 16 layers. You can use them, move them around, do your own thing with it, add to it, etc.

Here's the zip file for the .pdn layer files.

Everyone be safe and have peace.

Sincerely, Lydia

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What a wonderful compilation @ScrapbookWithPDN you really know how to display images so well.  Hope you have a lovely Holiday Season



How I made Jennifer & Halle in Paint.net

My Gallery | My Deviant Art

"Rescuing one animal may not change the world, but for that animal their world is changed forever!" anon.

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Beautiful Christmas card, Lydia! :star: The download is so crisp.  Have a Merry Christmas.  🎅

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Very sweet of






I'm trying to figure out how to simply reference another forum username, that shows in a blue rectangle, like above...so I don't have to quote the entire other person's post. I've looked on the forum for how to do various forum functions and still haven't found it. I'm not here all the time so I feel kind of....like a visitor rather than a resident. 🤥....Maybe it's a button in the control panel above? I don't know. I've even forgot how to post something and use the "hide" feature. Maybe it's that eyeball icon?


Pixey and Lynkster, that's very sweet of you to write. ....LOL, as you can tell, I've at least TRIED to figure out how to reference someone's user name...


Thank you, ladies. That was very kind of you.

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Hi @ScrapbookWithPDN.  To get the blue box you just type the @ key and as soon as you then begin to type the person's name, you will get a drop-down box and then you click on their name.


To post something which you'd like to be hidden:  Type out the text, or whatever, then highlite it and click on the eye (spoiler).






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How I made Jennifer & Halle in Paint.net

My Gallery | My Deviant Art

"Rescuing one animal may not change the world, but for that animal their world is changed forever!" anon.

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Oh, GOSH @Pixey THANK YOU SO MUCH!!.. very appreciative of it....I can't delete the extra one...and I had to type the text first then go in and add the @ box thing to have it where I wanted it because once I add it, I can't type anything afterwards. I think it might be a flash update issue...You're so sweet. I'm trying, LOL! @Pixey

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<3 Dear @ScrapbookWithPDN!


 An absolute eye-catcher, great work. :trophy: Thank you for sharing this with us!

I came too late, and good slide into the new year. happynewyearconfetti.gif



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Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.




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