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Welcome to my Gallery

Here I will feature the best of the best of my Artwork. Please Fav if you have a deviantART account

Contest entries

Arctic_Tree___Photomanip_Entry_by_LJXD.jpg Deep_Impact__LAOTW_Entry_by_LJXD.png

|Arctic Tree PhotoManip entry|................................|Deep Impact LAOTW entry|


Title_page_test_by_LJXD.jpg The_Draons_Keep_by_LJXD.jpg In_the_Witches_Cauldron_by_LJXD.png Glass_Tiles_by_LJXD.jpgTwisted_Menace_by_LJXD.pngSpectrum_by_LJXD.png


Love_Sux_by_LJXD.jpg Greed__Ignorance__Apathy_by_LJXD.jpg Make_Your_Choice_by_LJXD.pngOrange_Flare_by_LJXD.pngFreak_by_LJXD.png

Its a Whole lot of Round Things

These are reallly fun to make, everyone of them is slightly different.



Fantasium_by_LJXD.jpg Water_Reeds_by_LJXD.jpg Snow_Orb_by_LJXD.jpgHero__s_City_by_LJXD.pngThe_Upper_Class_by_LJXD.png

Other/Vector Style


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Really like your Glass Tiles one, especially the text. I must say, I haven't even TOUCHED Tile Reflection in quite a long time (I even had to think for a second there to remember the name). Your use of it is pretty sweet, with a great use of color. Good job :D

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Thankyou...sorry for the late reply i've been away :)

Just so you guys's know i'm making a wallpaper pack titled 'Wake Up'. Basically having a different message in each wallpaper. From animal cruelty, Global warming, nuclear power, oppression, war, media, government....you name it :D

PM if you have any idea's

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