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  1. @pipp - 8.9/10 It's really amazing and I love how the colors contrast with each other.
  2. 4/10 It's really not that interesting.. maybe try adding a little more color other than red
  3. What is that font you use for these?
  4. Football Cards. over 300 of them, About 100 Autographs, 20 Jerseys 2 Helmet stickers I also collect Movie ticket stubs. i have about 50 of them
  5. 5/10 It's Very simple, But i'm not a fan of halo. the text looks out of place as well.
  6. Bump Comments Are welcomed when you look at this, either good or bad. It's what improves me.
  7. oh i didn't attempt that i just typed something and like moved it, i totally forgot about that guidelines
  8. yeah i did write it, it was too a ex girlfriend of mine and it's two seperate poems
  9. sorry i think i messed it up when i move my pictures around in my photobucket account. But Lfc >>> 9/10 the way everything blends, the paint.NET logo and the realistic look of everything else looks fantastic.
  10. 8/10 I like the way how the tree just blends in with everything and i like the aurora there.
  11. 9/10 i like the way it all comes together. && my one in signature.
  12. I like this one. It's very amazing.
  13. 1. Spiderman 2 2. Hancock 3. Daredevil.
  14. Alice cooper - sunset babies(all got rabies) Tear it up Crack your head Tear it up You know it's gonna end You're running against the wall Smash your face and wake up boy Tear it up Wake up boy Tear it up Tear it up Wake up boy Tear it up
  15. Here's my entry. text: Evanescence Bleeding Cowboy El&font Blocks edit.
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