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  1. That Rick Brewster one is quite good.
  2. ^ Will not ! < Is bored and will post for a while. V Is not bored.
  3. flip: I reckon the empty space is pretty good, simplicity can be the best sometimes. Plus I like how you have added a little pixelated feel to it .
  4. Vito, nice, but yea, unfortunately not an Avatar.
  5. Is the sunset from one of the sunset tutorials?
  6. ^ Is Correct! *Gives everyone Ice-Cream* < Also has Ice-Cream! V Doesn't get ice-cream!
  7. Hi, I'm heri and I would like to suggest PdN have a slicing tool, like the one PhotoShop has. I use PdN to create my website layouts, and it is great for that! But as I create the layout on only 1 whole image, it is kind of a burden as I cannon slice it. Photoshop is one of those programs with basically the best Slicer. It is easy to use and everything! If possible, would PdN be able to have a Slicing tool like the one in PhotoShop, if not better? In advance, Thank You Rick, and the Moderators, for replying to this, along with the forum members. I would also like to say PdN is by far the best out there.
  8. Dam, GUI is almost a must. Photoshop is the best out there for slicing, so is there perhaps a way that PdN could include slicing in v4.0, or a sooner update? I might perhaps request something like that .
  9. ▲ Unaware of what? ◄ Is typing this post. ▼ Has more posts then me.
  10. I was wondering, does anyone know a decent program apart from photoshop that does Image Slicing?
  11. I use (on a weekly basis): Windows Vista - of course! Paint.NET Internet Explorer 7 Notepad++ Notepad Microsoft Visual Basic Windows Live Messenger - how can I not. Calculator Ink Ball Chess Cyberlink YouCam! - for making videos of random stuff, not me, random animations of drawings I print from PdN. Windows Media Player Microsoft Office Firefox - sometimes Spore Creature Creator. I use more, but I create some programs I use. Thats about it, and that concludes my post.
  12. So long, my friend. I hope CS3 compiles to your dreams.
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