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  1. yea howd you do #4 its a very cool aurora vista kinda look id really like to make sumthing like that for a siggy ^_^
  2. Lol i agree and you should really make a tutorial for that, thats an outstanding avatar i bet your tut would get stickied no doubt
  3. hey thnx well actually im turning 12 soon =( lol well i made lots more Neetos just havnt posted ^_^ and ill be making many more
  4. wow very nice sunlight well i think thats a sun i hope im right cuz it looks really good but you better change it to the img code cuz the thread might get locked =P
  5. you have very nice i love the 4th outta the babies that was really funny and i really like the bridge you made look like it was taken by a reall old camera i hope to see lots more of awesome work
  6. the text is really cool i like how you made it distorted i hope to see more of your work
  7. the 1 you made for that guy is pretty kewl if you add transperant gradient to the guys they would blend in =)
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