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  1. i absolutely love the first and last abstract!! how did you create the first 1?? i'm really anxious to know! great work!
  2. great job revenge that sig really caught my eye because i am a huge fan of cars!! 9/10 easily
  3. thanks a lot bro like i told TopHATslash i used the tut that you can find here to generate the pictures then just messed around a bit with the colors etc.. and threw in a few different effects to make what i thought to be a really really cool picture.. and now that i know that you do to that makes me a lot happier! thanks again!
  4. sweet thanks.. i generated it using the tut that you can find here and from there i just messed around with the colors and added different effects like the water reflection thanks for the positive comment!
  5. here are just some pictures that i've generated from the day that i discovered paint.net... to today... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These i generated specifically for the forum more that i've created since i last created my gallery ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These i created for no reason.. just messing around with the program and its different abilities ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- some are more simple than others.. are there any that anyone would want me to make a tut on? if so just post'em up and let me know what you think! thanks-- JMan94
  6. Are you referring to not being able to figure the tutorial I liked to? If so, try this: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=24980 no no no .. . i was refering to before you gave me the link.. i appreciate your help thanks again, JMan
  7. I meant to refer to the difference between the paths (FileType plugins go to FileTypes, Effect plugins go to Effects) alright i understand thanks for the help
  8. ok thanks i couldnt figure it out.. thanks again, JMan
  9. oh well sorry that i'm not exactly the paint.net proffesional.. i'm new to the program and just asked a question so the (fairly obvious) comment is non necesse est.
  10. Hello every body i'm new to paint.net and i've been trying to follow some tut's posted here on the forum and ive noticed that a lot of these tut's require you to have additional plugins? i've tried to download a few but i cant just figure out how to get them to be active on my program.. so if anyone could simply explain to me how to get and apply the plugins i would be very very greatful.. thanks, JMan
  11. i cant invert the selction for some reason..
  12. this tutorial... ROCKS!! i made my sig using it.. thanks man
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