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  1. That Rick Brewster one is quite good.
  2. ^ Will not ! < Is bored and will post for a while. V Is not bored.
  3. flip: I reckon the empty space is pretty good, simplicity can be the best sometimes. Plus I like how you have added a little pixelated feel to it .
  4. Vito, nice, but yea, unfortunately not an Avatar.
  5. Is the sunset from one of the sunset tutorials?
  6. ^ Is Correct! *Gives everyone Ice-Cream* < Also has Ice-Cream! V Doesn't get ice-cream!
  7. Hi, I'm heri and I would like to suggest PdN have a slicing tool, like the one PhotoShop has. I use PdN to create my website layouts, and it is great for that! But as I create the layout on only 1 whole image, it is kind of a burden as I cannon slice it. Photoshop is one of those programs with basically the best Slicer. It is easy to use and everything! If possible, would PdN be able to have a Slicing tool like the one in PhotoShop, if not better? In advance, Thank You Rick, and the Moderators, for replying to this, along with the forum members. I would also like to say PdN is by far the best out there.
  8. Dam, GUI is almost a must. Photoshop is the best out there for slicing, so is there perhaps a way that PdN could include slicing in v4.0, or a sooner update? I might perhaps request something like that .
  9. ▲ Unaware of what? ◄ Is typing this post. ▼ Has more posts then me.
  10. I was wondering, does anyone know a decent program apart from photoshop that does Image Slicing?
  11. I use (on a weekly basis): Windows Vista - of course! Paint.NET Internet Explorer 7 Notepad++ Notepad Microsoft Visual Basic Windows Live Messenger - how can I not. Calculator Ink Ball Chess Cyberlink YouCam! - for making videos of random stuff, not me, random animations of drawings I print from PdN. Windows Media Player Microsoft Office Firefox - sometimes Spore Creature Creator. I use more, but I create some programs I use. Thats about it, and that concludes my post.
  12. So long, my friend. I hope CS3 compiles to your dreams.
  13. Lol. Portable PDN would be a great program, but I actually found HITMAN's tutorial good. Use that, except instead of a CD, put it on your USB.
  14. Wheres Kermit? - the title - made me lose your gallery! Anyways, I too saw 3.
  15. Nice gallery, your work is full of class!
  16. I too use Notepad++, but when it comes to Imagemaps, I get stuck, same with Slicing the layout, as PdN doesn't have those functions and I don't have PhotoShop etc.
  17. Nice Mock-Up! But I don't think Windows 2000 people will be able to run it unless they got a full on pimped computer.
  18. In this discussion, is it ok to talk about the programs used to make websites? If so, What program do you use to make your websites, or do you code from scratch?
  19. I actually have a fair few websites up me sleeve collection.
  20. heri

    LJXD's Gallery

    Very nice gallery. I like your images.
  21. Great tutorial! I'll try to get my image up soon.
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