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JeremyTans Gallery *Updated* 089/18/08!! Meet NEETO


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hey thnx crimson

and it depends which 1 your refering too

the first img is just line/curve tool then outline and glow

the other lines for the Golden and Blue and Green Stuff

that all just random playing around and getting a great outcome =)

btw crimson on your sig that has like hexagons and theres 3 circles in the left cornor how did u make the circular glare have rounded cornorers?

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Nice gallery, I like the above image (the one I quoted) the best. How did you make the faces and stuff? It must of taken ages!

You Do Know Those Are Probably MapleStory Characters? :wink:

Oh, I've never played MapleStory, thats all. I don't have interest for the game.

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You have produced some great work! Well done! I'll look forward to seeing more of your work :D

You did THIS with Line/Curve!? :shock: :shock:

Looks like Line/Curve + Dents to me :wink:

That's what I thought at first. But after looking at it carefully, I realize that it would have been EXCRUCIATINGLY hard to create with Dents. it looks more like a brush to me.

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