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  1. Yes it was a stock. I should have posted the stock url with it. I fixed that. Stock
  2. I used to play the gameboy games. Don't play any more. I just had to post cause I saw an ad for pokemon when I looked at this thread.
  3. 9/10. Really good work. Very realistic. Which is better? Stacy Keibler V3. Stacy Keibler V4.
  4. I found the problem. Flash wasn't up to date. I should have researched this better. Mozilla has a thread for this under their support forum. It was right on the main page of the support area.
  5. I can't watch youtube videos with the most recent version of Firefox. The videos play in Internet Explorer. I wanted to know if anyone else had/has this problem?
  6. This plug-in should be what your looking for. http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=6483&hilit=diagonal+lines May I suggest you use search. Also located on the top right of the page under the banner in between The FAQ link and the Members link.
  7. I agree with Crimson. You have great work. You should start writing down what you did when you make something that looks cool. Then you can recreate it later.
  8. Thank you. Background I made with smudge and curves.
  9. This deserves to be brought back to the top. First attempt. Made some changes.
  10. 10/10. It is amazing. Would love to know how to make that. Rate this and current please.
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