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  1. John Wick 3: Parabellum 6/10. Too many fight scenes where we know Keanu Reeves win each fight. The plot seem to be more convoluted and the final acts had me scratching my head, as if they left the final acts to prepare for a 4th John Wick movie.
  2. I have been using postimg.org for several months now. As for my internet option, I am a customer of a WAN broadband provider and I absolutely love it.
  3. Go to Plugin Index In the box Keyword Search, type Grid Scroll through the list of possible plugin to be used to generate grids Pick the one that you think may work, download, and install the plugin (restart Paint.NET if opened)
  4. Almost all of my stock sources is from unsplash.com, and I have also found pexels.com, another useful site for stocks. Also, if you are lucky to have uniform background color in one stock, you could use magic wand and adjust the tolerance. I was fortunate the ruin above had a clear sky with blue gradient that made it easier for magic wand to track and delete. In the OP's case, magic wand simply won't work since the stock of choice had strong blue tint, and your suggestion to use eraser or radial transparent gradient is spot on. Edi: In some case, it is possible to use remove.bg to separate foreground object from the background, but that is more tricky on complicated object like a ruin. I tried and it deleted a lot of but retained some stuff, so manual sometime is the way to go.
  5. This kind of stuff is something I enjoy doing. I liked @welshblue approach as well with a slight difference in the hardness, I always set hardness to 0. Here's what I did under 15 minutes for fun, nothing serious. @PaintDotNetNoob one thing I would advise you to do is get good quality stocks to work with. It makes a big difference in any photomanipulation you do.
  6. Fantastic! That was the one thing that drove me crazy when I was reading the source code. I was confused as heck as to figuring out what Amount1, Amount2, etc, meant without a well described variable name. This is a great change to CodeLab.
  7. I really think you need to spend some time reading the tutorials. There are folks who have written tutorials that teach you how to work around the limitations of PDN. The only limitation, really, is your ability to think outside the box.
  8. From the Popular Request Thread: I also believe there have been similar requests. @Rick Brewster will be able to answer better than I, but basically, it is not top priority right now as the developer and contributing programmers are focused on ironing out kinks with each release of PDN.
  9. @welshblue Many thanks for your tips and suggestions. Agreed, light bulbs are the hardest to get. I did use Texture Smoother as a base and worked from there. I used a lot of Gaussian blur and BoltBait's Transparency plugin. I used your screw tutorial for the light bulb socket. Agreed that the wires looked out of place and doesn't quite mesh with the image. Thanks for the compliment on BOLD. ------------------- Edit: Added Apple Aquarium on the first page. Was inspired by a Photoshop tutorial and decided to try my hand. The koi fish being bigger than the lady swimming and the natural stem are intended as a tongue-in-cheek. Self-critic...not happy with the shadows on the bottom of the apple.
  10. Thanks, ladies, for your comments. Just tried to create a light bulb with PDN. I have to admit it is tricky to get the transparency and I am open to suggestion on how to achieve glassiness ( @Pixey would love to pick your brains on this one).
  11. I am with @Seerose, I really like Winter's Night Dream the best.
  12. Try this tutorial and see if it does the trick for you. All the plug-ins you need are given in the post below.
  13. Tried a different approach after watching a YouTube video. I think I'll like to start dabbling more in typography manipulations from now on. Whoops, forgot to include the stock used.
  14. @MJW I think with some novelty plug-ins you had made, I think it's time for a plug-in pack of yours.
  15. Same thought I had when I saw the preview. IIRC, Blender also uses environment mapping as lighting source.
  16. From what @Rick Brewster explained when I inquired about expanding PDN's blending mode, he said that some of the blending modes' algorithm would revert to Normal blending mode on older version of PDN (yes, apparently there is a group of hardcore 3.5.11 users, don't ask why). IIRC, he said this was investigated by one of the contributing programmers. My solution has been the same as before and @Ego Eram Reputo has repeated it.
  17. Ha...speaking of this...there was a thread many years ago where a poster asked if it was possible to make this in PDN. Ash came very close to achieving it. I know I tried, and failed, to create something similar in Blender. So, you nailed it, especially after fixing the red glass block.
  18. I get such a kick out of this. 😂 Thank you very much. ---- Looking again at the steps outlined above, I realized I completely blundered the step involving the right-angle triangle. Serves me right for not using a filled right-angle triangle. Nonetheless, pulling off the Inception-style manipulation was entirely possible in PDN.
  19. This is why the red block bothered me, and definitely made a difference.
  20. Now, that's a name I haven't heard in a long time. A very long time. I wonder what @drakaan is up to these days.
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