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  1. BoltBait, oh, I am definitely a fan of your plug-ins. In fact, I forgot I had donated to support them, and tried to donate a second time! Yes, probably best to sort through, and see what I am actually using. While I try to figure out why OneNote won't log in so I can sync all my notes between phone, tablet and computer. An opportunity to see exactly what I need to tell Barn Hunters they need to install. I was just hoping there was an easier way. Reinstalling the world when you get a new computer is not entertaining.
  2. So my windows 10 computer finally arrived (after a 2 week detour through either FedEx warehouses or one of my neighbors). I am now "reinstalling the World" as is said. PDN is installed and a small donation monthly made. VERY obvious that I have added loads of stuff to the copy I have on the Win 7 machine. Is there an easy way to sync the two copies?
  3. Great. Thank you. I spoke with a salesman today and he's getting back to me with a quote tomorrow. Then it'll take a month or so to build -- and then I have to get the new machine up to speed. In the meantime.... I have things to do with PDN!
  4. Question: does this fix still work with Win 7 Pro? I will have a Win 10 machine soon. In fact, I planned for it last year this time. Had the money saved up, and then my husband wrecked his car. Three times. (I won't let him drive any more.) Got the money put together again, and he had medical stuff with a lousy great co-pay. I now have managed to put the funds together again, and have picked out the machine I want. Should be ordering it in a day or two. BUt I don't want to mess up my current set up with PDN.
  5. The version I have is 4.2.1. The way you are talking about is how I have always done it. Just select the old setting and type in the new. This time, when I selected 800, and started to type 2400, it dropped to 799 and would not take what I was typing in. I could tap the up arrow and get back to 800 and then further up. But I could not do it the way I normally did. I have now closed PDN and reopened it. It is now apparently behaving the way it should. Which suits me fine. But I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why the other error occurred.
  6. OK, just got back from a Barn Hunt. Booted up my computer (sorry, it's still WIn 7 Pro -- I won't do the update on IT because I have programs that, as far as I know, won't run under Win 10. As soon as I can afford to, I'll be getting a new machine. I had saved up for it and then my husband wrecked his car and we had to shell out $6000 for repairs. So I have to save up again.). Started PDN. I am apparently no longer permitted to create anything other than 800 x 600 and a resolution of 96. Or more correctly, I am not allowed to select 800 and cha
  7. Yes, I was. Which was why I asked where Boltbait's version was. I do note that you can't use selecting only the item and then flip it. You have to have an area around the item selected, also.
  8. Unless something has changed, it still flips the whole layer, even with active selection. (Verifying). Yup, even with an active selection, it flips the whole layer.
  9. Those flip the whole layer. Many times, I just want to flip a single piece of an image. Right now I am using the method I described above: I select the item, copy it to a temporary layer, then use either Flip Horizontal or Flip Vertical to get the orientation I want, then copy it back to the original layer and erase my temporary layer.
  10. I believe I have your plug-in pack because I use "bevel selection" all the time. Where would I look for "flip selection"?
  11. Just wondering if it is possible to select a part of an image and then flip it, either horizontally or vertically, on the same layer? I've been copying the item I want to flip to a temporary layer, then flipping the layer, re-selecting the item and copying it back to my original layer, and then deleting the temporary layer. Is there an easier way?
  12. Now THAT is a definite possibility. I could either stay with the three ring, or revert back to the double ring so there are both colors, and then see what I can come up with for a symbol. Rosettes could be rice. I could also use rat silhouettes.....
  13. I did consider that, but I'm doing this in 300 dpi, and it needs to be a specific size. Therefore, if I add on the inside, I lose space. If I add on the outside, it becomes too big.
  14. So my Harper Dachs got his Master Barn Hunt Champion X3 title last weekend. I always do a Title picture for them -- my Boy is the first standard Dachshund in the US and Canada to achieve RATCHX, RATCHX2 and RATCH X3. When I did his RATCH, I circled it with blue, for "First Place." For his RATCHX, I used purple, which is the color used in Conformation for Winner's Dog or Winner's Bitch. For his RATCHX2. I used one purple and one blue circle. For the RATCHX3, I used two purple circles and one blue circle. He's working on his RATCHX4. If I keep adding circles,
  15. Actually, I found PDN when looking for something to do courses on. Funny thing, Windows Paint just didn't cut it. I do Barn Hunt practices, and I'm regularly doing stuff like this. It was only after I started playing with it that I found out how many OTHER cool things I could do with it! What I like is the ability to turn on and off the layers -- that way, all the layers can be numbered and labeled and there's no confusion on the part of the volunteers who help put the course together for those of us running in the sport. All of that is in one file! And even better, it
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