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  1. I just tested the update as you asked. Well done. The photograph I use is quite large, 4608x3072, which was taken with a Nikon D3100 DSLR camera, and that's probably why it does not automatically zoom out to "Window" size as it does in the PDN enivornment. However, using the zoom slider, I was able to zoom in and out. I think that was an issue, because I cannot recall if I was able to use the slider to zoom out. I think you have fixed it. The pan, I think, was actually my own fault. The pen, when touching the drawing tablet's surface, acts like a left click, and when I use the "right-click" button of the pen, I would actually be dragging and clicking the points on the image I was trying to mask. I figured that if I hover the pen slighty above the drawing tablet's surface, and use right-click, I was able to pan accordingly. The plug in does behave slow, but I suspect this is due to the size of the photograph itself, and the fact the computer is working hard calculating everything as I am tracing the object I am trying to mask. Edit: I can confirm that size indeed does play a factor. When I reduced the size of the photograph by 40% the speed was noticably faster. Edit 2: WOW. I love this plug-in. I love I can click "Enable Mask" to see if I have missed an edge, and fine tune the edge. Marvelous plug-in!
  2. For the most part...it does its job. There's some edges I will have to clean up, naturally. Hmm...would it be possible to add the ability to automatically zoom out instead of being zoomed all the way in? Edit: The only way I was able to get a "zoomed out" view was to resize my photograph. Also, I noticed when panning using the stylus' "right-click" function, it would add points instead of just panning around. Maybe it's the stylus and me doing it. If you need to know, I have a Wacom Bamboo drawing tablet.
  3. I have downloaded and played with this plug-in. I think out of the plug-ins you have wrote, this one has the most potential to be unleashed, so kudos for writing and publishing it. However, there's one thing I don't like about this plug-in, and that's using the angle to draw the edge around an object I wish to mask. Is it possible for you to create a plug-in where I could draw the edge directly on the plug-in's canvas (similar to using pryochild's smudge and lquidify plug-ins)? I think, coupling this ability with using CTRL key to lock the edge, this plug-in would be right up there with smudge and liquidfy.
  4. The Queen of Glossy strikes again. One thing I noted in my experimentation with Fur Blur is how it can create abstract-y patterns. Have you given that a try?
  5. Two new "experimental" pieces added to first page. First piece is an attempt to create a texture-like creation using FurBlur (which is suprisingly fun to play with), and utilizing some techniques I have seen, especially one done by Welshblue, and Pyrochild's gradient bars. A lot of steps went into this, so please do not ask for me to try to recreate it. The second piece is a demostration of what a faux bokeh effect is supposed to look like. It utilized the same piece I create but with a twist, using simply the "unfocus" blur plug-in.
  6. Yeah, I used a slightly different settings, and I also used a bit of displacement to create depth.
  7. May I offer my two cents? Add a bit of tiny air bubbles here and there to pull off the cracked ice effect. It looks good as it is now, but I think if you were to add some air bubbles, and maybe a bit of shadow, I think you got it nailed. Requesting an evaluation of my current sig...the blur is entirely intentional.
  8. Because according to Microsoft's web site, Windows 8 Pro, which I have, isn't eligible for the upgrade to 8.1. Let me double check...
  9. Take it from someone who has Windows 8 pro...I <snipped> hate it. It is catered more toward touchscreen. The only reason I had to install Windows 8 was because the original hard drive on my laptop finally kicked the bucket and made its travel to the great scrapyard in the sky. On the good side, though, I have a 1 TB hard drive, so I have a long, long way to go before I fill it up. The other bad side of Windows 8 Pro is I cannot upgrade to 8.1. *sigh* If only I had switched to Ubuntu...
  10. I downloaded the alpha on Friday and played around with it for a bit. I did not see any appreciable bug or glitch, then again, I am not a beta tester so I wouldn't know what exactly to look for. As a precautionary measure, I took out all the plug-ins and moved them to a temporary folder on the hard drive. Additionally, I am running the alpha on Windows 8 Pro, and everything is running smoothly as can be. I would say one thing, when running Gaussian blur at 200 pixels, it isn't a chore for my laptop to render the blur. Well done, Rick. Keep it up.
  11. Hello, this is a brief post to let you all know I am not dead! I have been spending the last few months taking a night class at a local community college. Whatever free time I have, I spend doing my homework, helping around the house, things of that nature, and making art have taking a dramatic backseat. I appreciate all the positive comments I have received, and do apologizes for not thanking each one of you. I have signed up for a summer class that runs for 10 weeks and I seriously doubt I will have the time to make more art. Perhaps during a hiatus in between summer and fall semester, I will make a wallpaper or two, if I have the desire. Keep making art for the joy of it! -Trevor
  12. Mother Nature is such a tease! She gave us a beautiful, balmy 50 degree for today, and tomorrow, it's supposed to be snowy with wintry mix. I'm depressed.
  13. Wow...that is horrible and having to deal with stresses like that...I hope things work out in the end. Count your blessing, for sure.
  14. Homework can be such a headache! It took me well over an hour to do my accounting homework and doing math still gives me headaches. With so much rain we received last night, we had several roads flooded, no schools were opened today because of it, and at a local university, the lower level parking lots were flooded with some cars trapped on the lots. I feel terrible for those students who cars are now total losses. Counting my blessing, that's for sure! Don't get me wrong, snow on the mountains, trees, and such are extremely beautiful to look at, but shoveling, driving in it, and being stuck on the highway because tractor-trailers think they can drive in snow drives me absolutely bonker. It's even worse when I see sport cars (typically rear-wheel driven) trying to get up hill, and their tires are spinning madly on the pavements.
  15. Barbieq25, if it makes you feel a bit better, I got a good soaking tonight when I left work. We got a good gully washing going on right now. Then it is supposed to snow this Friday, marking the third weekend in a row that we have received snow on the eastern seaboard of the US. I cannot wait for spring! I guess that is a semi-rant.
  16. Cooking dinner. Listening to the water boil and find it oddly relaxing. Sometime it is the simpler thing in life that gives pleasure.
  17. Hi everyone. I don't like to double post, but since the rules states it is ok to bump a gallery if I have not received a response in 24 hours, so I made another wallpaper using Blender and then created the rest in Paint.NET. I hope you enjoy it and have a nice weekend.
  18. Thank you all for the kind and warm welcome. I may not post as much due to time constraint between a full time job, taking night class, and life in general. I do have a work in the pipeline, but I have no ETA. Again, thank you all for the kind words.
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