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  1. Hey, Vagabondi, I am now checking out what you have posted, and while I see that you are learning your way around with PDN, so keep it up!
  2. Huh, I could have swore your title said pecan pie. I think I need to have my eyes reexamined. I really want to know how you did the whipped cream, and thanks for the kudos on the BlurBlend plugin.
  3. I really enjoy your abstract pieces and are in awe of how you do it. You are able to take a few plug-ins and run away with it.
  4. You got it, and thank you for the compliment. Sorry that I wasn't clear. It's a habit of mine to put all the work on the first page, and then link to the stock photo out of respect for the photographer(s) who took those photographs in another comment. Thanks, I am enjoying the pixel stretch series. ----------------------- Taking a brief break from the pixel stretch series and went back to pulling off the dispersion effect. During the course of working on the dispersion effect, I think I have discovered a way to knock out a couple of steps in the dispersion effect tutorial. Stock used.
  5. Looks more like pumpkin pie than pecan pie. I never had pecan pie until I was in my 30s and tasted my late grandmother's, and liked it ever since. Now I want a pie and cup of coffee.
  6. 😂 Thanks for the laugh, and fair point. Thanks! ---------------- Thought I'd go into a different direction and try something I once saw on DeviantArt. Side note: I really do not like the update to dA's website as it makes it hard to find what I'm looking for. Stock used: Couples for Masking, Woman, and Man.
  7. The architecture of Paint.NET does not permit plug-in to work on all layers except the active layer. Use Ctrl+F to apply last used effect.
  8. Yet another pixel stretch art. Tried to convey a feel of energy in this one. Stock used.
  9. @Rick Brewster I think Welshblue meant to use brushes to create layer mask instead of using plug-in such as the Brush Factory, for example, the Dispersion Effect, uses the Brush Factory and Alpha Mask to create a "layer mask". Does it mean you are planning to begin implementing the custom brushes in the next major version? That's the impression I am getting as the current alpha and beta versions appears to be laying the groundwork for the plumbing to be in place per the Popular Request Thread.
  10. A plugin that is not getting enough attention is TechnoRobb's Alpha Cutter. Even though the use of remove.bg website helps to isolate a subject from the background, sometime it doesn't work. When that happens, I will default to Alpha Cutter and work very patiently. Pro tip: if you feel the plugin lags, reduce the size of your photograph between 40 to 60%, and it will speed up the use of Alpha Cutter.
  11. Looking forward to seeing Jumanji 2. I thoroughly enjoyed the first film and had many laugh out loud moments.
  12. I have noticed similar issue when running alpha mask on copied and pasted image, and one way to combat the extra spaces around the image is to use AA Assistant, part of dpy's plugin pack.
  13. @pepeh The logo you are trying to get rid is a trademark. That means you are trying to get rid of someone's else work, and that is a big no-no.
  14. Download this plug in. It allows you to use Photoshop brushes automatically. Be patient as it sometime take a few seconds to extract and convert all the brushes to be usable in PDN.
  15. I would also check the box, "Remember Me," if you are using 1 computer you use all the time. Save you a lot of headache.
  16. The blues and browns actually came straight from the photograph I used. I think that is one of the biggest advantages of doing pixel stretch. That really means a lot to me. Just added a 3rd pixel stretch style and combined a technique from dispersion effect.
  17. Thank you all! Continuing with more pixel stretch style. When I watched another Joe Cavazos' speed art, I wanted to see if I could create a "wraparound" and it is possible using Madjik's Sine Wave distortion plugin and Pyrochild's Grid Wrap plugin. Stock used: dancer and dove.
  18. I use the "Select All" command in order to make my layer selection active so I can copy an object in the layer. This is what I do all the time with alpha masking. Another alternative, quicker way is to use the move tool and clicking only once to select the object of the layer. I hope Rick leaves in Select All.
  19. Look behind the ballerina. I did not use g'mic at all. The only plug-in, after BoltBait's Alpha to Grey and Alpha Mask, used was Madjik's Polar Transformation plugin.
  20. Haven't posted in a good while, but today as I was puttering around the net, came across a nifty pixel stretch speed art by Joe Cavazos at YouTube, I thought I would give it a shot and see if it was achievable in PDN. Tl;dr version - it is possible. Ballerina stock.
  21. If you really need to have crystal sharp picture when resizing up, you can't because of how the pixels are constructed. If the original picture are bigger, you can scale down without losing the sharpness of the picture. I don't know how Photoshop is able to resize up without losing pixels, but it is not possible in Paint.NET.
  22. @Pixey, thanks for the information. I thought this was another fine addition to @Woodsy impressive gallery, and I was shocked to read this news. Requiescat in pace, @Woodsy
  23. Awesome idea! I remember trying to work with EER via PM to get the template to work in VS and had heck of a time doing that. Hopefully this will overcome the issue beginner and experienced coders may have with utilizing VS to code effects or file plug-ins for PDN.
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