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  1. Submits for your information Otherwise i tried vs versions with Paint.Net 5.1 and result is same. First pic perfect working and Second pic not working
  2. Hello, i am using this software free and there you can see open source code ( https://github.com/ilyakurdyukov/jpeg-quantsmooth) for JPEG artifacts removal. And you can seecommands on this page (https://github.com/ImageProcessing-ElectronicPublications/libjpegqs) Also Web version available here (https://ilyakurdyukov.github.io/jpeg-quantsmooth/) I have a request from you, may can someone do for plug-in for in Paint.Net or like RIOT. Best Regards
  3. It's Ok. and working without problem, i tested immediately, I see some started problems fixed I also previously reported (for 5.0) also beforehand. Thanks a lot for your concerning.
  4. Sorry but this time Paint.Net is immediately crashing when i run psd plug-in. pdncrash.1.log
  5. PSFilterPdn plug-in first time working but when i used second time Paint.Net is crashing. Logs is in attachment.
  6. I used portable version, and i got 2 time error. Please do you check my error logs? Thank you pdncrash.1.log pdncrash.2.log
  7. Thank you for concern, you know better, but when i change PSFilterPdn.dll all versions are working.
  8. First time thank you for your works, I just say as information, i have some plugin problems. I am using Curve plugin (http://www.mehdiplugins.com/english/curves.htm) It's work v2.0.2 and earlier versions but dont work 2.0.3 and later versions. Like this first pic v2.0.8 - second pic 2.0.2
  9. I like much, also you can blury background in same time.
  10. @null54can we use from this page https://github.com/ishani/GenesisVFX https://github.com/ishani/GenesisVFX/releases/tag/v1.01
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