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  1. You should see our compost pile. It is a gorgeous shade of black. I like to add leaves to the compost pile because of its organic matter. The stuff you are growing are similar to what we are growing and right now, we are growing cold weather plants - kale, strawberries, cabbages, and onions. As soon as the calendar flip to mid-May, we will begin to plant late spring/early summer variety and then plant heirlooms in late summer. I'm not familiar with how Welsh weather operates although I know in the mountains of southwest Virginia, it has its own weather system. We had weird weather pattern.
  2. Compost. Herbs love compost especially if it's organic made of organic materials - food scraps (no meat, big NO-NO), grasses, leaves (makes excellent mulch and compost), chicken or sheep poo, and hay. We have a neighbor that has a John Deere tractor and he recently turned the compost pile. Thanks...I had made 2, the one in the picture is the 2nd one. When I have a chance, I will take a picture of our enclosed, raised-bed garden for growing our own vegetables.
  3. The Call of the Wild... Excellent movie, even though they humanized Buck, and another excellent performance by Harrison Ford. If there is a negative to the film, it is that it is obvious the animals were CGI-generated. The abandoned cabin scenery were gorgeous. 8/10.
  4. Since it's Good Friday (traditionally called Black Friday)...
  5. Yes. Here are two options that I highly recommend: Unsplash and Pexels. Edit: Here's a quick and dirty example. Stock used.
  6. Does your lightsaber cut through anything? I am fascinated by how you could have constructed one.
  7. Thanks, man. Thank you. ____________________ New on page 1, decided to create a simple spacescape. Been a long time since I've dabbled in space art.
  8. @Woodwalker while I don't use Instagram, you could recreate some effect seen in IG by downloading and installing @BoltBait plug-in.
  9. What does one do after tearing down a play fort that is hardly ever used? In my case, build planter boxes for growing herbs on the back porch. It didn't cost me a penny to build it and it's as basic as they come.
  10. Dumb question but feel like it needs to be asked. Why are you using JPG? It erode over time since it is a lossy format. Have you tried saving in PNG instead?
  11. I cannot encourage gardening to grow your own vegetables enough. Plant, plant, and plant! Don't rely on grocery stores to supply your needs when there are plenty of idiots buying up more than they need. You don't need a full acre to plant, just enough for your immediate family, and some.
  12. I think your best bet is to 1) purchase a license to run Windows, and 2) download and install VirtualBox. Best of luck.
  13. @lynxster4 & @welshblue, well done on a fabulous Tiffany lamp.
  14. @lynxster4, @Pixey, @welshblue, & @Vagabondi Thank you all for your kind words. New on page 1, inspired by a similar photomanipulation on YouTube, decided to give it a whirl.
  15. That would be great! I remember submitting similar request for refreshing plug-ins instead of having to restart PDN. I know Gimp offer a way of doing that but I don't want Gimp. I want PDN.
  16. My first ever entry... Stock used.
  17. As an occasional photographer, I cannot stress enough to invest in quality, sturdy tripod. I know you mentioned shoreline and lugging around tripod is cumbersome, there is also monopod if you are interested, but it makes a noticeable difference when photographing.
  18. Without seeing your source image(s) and your layers in Paint.NET, I can only give you hints. Below my signatures is a link to a tutorial that shows how to separate foreground from background. That being said, to achieve what you are hoping to do, it is strongly encouraged to take advantage of layers. Let say you have two persons that you want to manipulate. What I would do is place Person A on Layer 1, separated from the background, and place Person B on Layer 2. That way, you can do what you wish to do in PDN.
  19. Aw, thanks, man. ----------------------------- Taking a break from photomanipulation. Saw an abstract metal tutorial and decided to give it my own twist, on page 1.
  20. @drakaan Pexels.com is an excellent site for free source image. Another one is unsplash.com. I use both sites heavily for my photomanipulations. Another site I have found but had limited success with is stockvault.net.
  21. Just for funnies, I looked online for a converter and found one via rapidtables.com, and entered the hex code (#68B53F). The HSV values given was 99, 65.2, 71.0. As you can see, the Values are slightly different from what you have given. Hence, there are rounding errors taking place behind the scene. I believe @toe_head2001 is correct. Also, there tend to be a difference in monitors. Example, I have the iMac and the green color are slightly sharper whereas on the extended monitor using Thunderbolt to HDMI converter, the green color is slightly muted.
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