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  1. i don't want to duplicate the pixels, just the selection
  2. Hello, somebody knows how to duplicate a selection. what i want to do is just duplicate a selection, and have two similar selections. i know it can be done, as i've found out a couple of days ago how to do it. the thing is for some reason, i canno't manage to find how to do it anymore
  3. Hello, is there a way to customize the toolbar. i'd like to add gaussian blur, and other stuff to it, for quick access
  4. Thanks a lot for the help Pixey. it was very useful. especially the plugin 👍
  5. Hello, i'm trying to achieve something, and i'm having hard time at it. here's the prob. i have a grass texture, and to my taste some areas of the texture are too 'chlorophyllian'. in some locations, the leaves are too green, and too bright. so my question is how would you do to make the whole stuff more uniform, and less bright. i tried some saturation and contrast combinations, but none gave me the result i wanted. Thanks
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