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  1. No, i was not using the File Explorer, and all my image-files are set to automatically open in PDN, whether i open it from PDN or FE.
  2. Hello y'all ! Im a home concept-vehicle designer and long-time user of PDN, and recently after returning to work on a couple of my BMP images, i discovered i am unable to SAVE, DELETE or MOVE these two BMP images (side-view versions of a concept vehicle of mine) !!!....Are these two BMPs "corrupted" ?.... THE PROBLEM : When i click SAVE (for either of these two BMPs), a message process-percentage box appears saying "working on it....", but the percent continuously remains at "0%", and nothing happens !....SAME thing when i try to DELETE or MOVE those BMPs. And the ONLY way i fou
  3. Im a designer, and two VERY important large BMP IMAGE FILES i recently created and edited many times in PDN now CANNOT be SAVED, DELETED or MOVED ! (my other similarly-large image files are NOT affected).... IMPORTANT NOTES : 1. I use WINDOWS 10 (home edition / 64-bit based). 2. I never need or use LAYERS in creating or editing my images (and if i accidentally press the "merge layers" menu-item, i can then undo that).... 3. I save ALL my image-files ONLY as BMPs because it is the ONLY "lossless" image-format available and USABLE for me on
  4. Hello Everbody ! QUESTION : Can text created in OpenOffice be inserted into a BMP image in PDN ?....If yes, HOW do i do that ?
  5. Hello everbody ! ....Hows this for a really unbelievable and crazy feature request : a TEXT tool on PDN (or a PDN plug-in) that actually provides the user the option to also JUSTIFY* the R-side of a paragraph or text !!! I realize some of you readin this are maybe thinkin "Hey fool !....that's already on PDN !" Well, i searched for it on PDN, with ZERO results. Or did i miss it ? * NOTE (only for those who do NOT know the definition of "justified text / paragraphs") : it means the L and /or R side of a text or paragraphs is vertically straight and not jagged.
  6. Ego- I use the latest version of PDN, on Window10 /Home Edition. 1. No, i was/am referring to the PDN tool windows ("dialog" box windows. Examples : ALL of the "Adjustments" dialog boxes, ALL of the "Effects" dialog boxes, etc). 2. What do u mean by "child" window (which most internet users probably dont know either) ? 3. Im not a "Developer", im a PDN USER and i need to have ALL PDN tool windows ("dialog boxes") appearing at a side area that i choose, NOT obstructing my work image. So again, would you (or somebody) please explain how that need does not make sense ?!!!
  7. I regularly use PDN (which is easier for me to use than other image apps), but a very frustrating aspect of it to me is that EVERY time i click to use a tool, the tool-window ALWAYS appears annoyingly centered on top of my work-image, requiring me EACH time to grab and move the window away to a side area !!!.... QUESTION 1 : Is there a way to permanently RE-SET this unwanted window-position to a designated side-area ? QUESTION 2 : If the answer to Q1 is NO, why does PDN not allow users to set their own tool-positions ?
  8. HELLO Again Everybody ! - Is there a PLUG-IN (or downloadable app) to instantly TRANSLATE text in PDN images ?....it would be very useful and time-saving to INSTANTLY translate foreign-language text in PDN images into PDN, JPG, BMP, and other image formats. For example : with one click a JPG image of a page of french text opened in PDN is INSTANTLY translated. Thx !
  9. Bolt- i did NOT intend, authorize or initiate those few multiple-replicated (incomplete) posts that just happened today. The system wrongly automatically posted those, so could you please allow deletion of those now ? - hypercat
  10. Bolt- thx for the reply. Its just a little confusing to me. Also, my incomplete reply to Rick was suddenly replicated automatically a few times but i didnt mean to do that or authorize that (and tried to fix those, because i dont see a DELETE option anywhere). i will try Rick's solution again, but as he related, its not a simple procedure.
  11. Im trying to DELETE my incomplete reply here, but theres no DELETE option, and these incompleted replies keep replicating automatically themselves on the topic page!!! (not my intention)
  12. Hi Rick - Thx very much for that latest solution ! I will try it ASAP and report to you the result (....gotta get some sleep now). BTW - Why PNG over BMP ? - hypercat ?
  13. toe - thx for the reply ! Below is the DETAILS info you requested (which i just now added to my post). ALL my PICTURE files are saved in BMP, and set to open with PAINT.NET as the DEFAULT, unless i specifically choose another app. Heres an example : 1. to get to one of my vintage MAGAZINE cover images, starting from my PICTURES folder, there are EIGHT categorized sub-folders. 2. There, i choose a file (a cover-image). 3. When i L-click on it, this msg appears in a small window : "The directory could not be found". 4. When i L-click on DETAILS in tha
  14. Hello Everyone- My BMP image files CAN be opened in other apps (MS Paint, SketchBook, etc)....but now they are NOT opening in my ONLY reliable (MAIN) photo-editing app, Paint.net !!! This started several moths ago after i updated to WINDOWS 10. ALL my PICTURE files are saved in BMP (a lossless format), and are set to open with PAINT.NET as the DEFAULT (unless i specifically choose another app). Heres an example : 1. to get to one of my vintage MAGAZINE cover images, starting from my PICTURES folder, there are EIGHT categorized sub-folders. 2. There, i c
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